It loud thunder. I shut off my computer

It was late night ang the wind was gentle but chilly at first. Out of the blue, the bright flashes of lightning lit up the dark night sky, immediately followed by the roar of thunder. It’s raining cats and dogs. The alarm was ticking, and it rang “Kringggggggg! Kringgggg! as it shows out 12:00 a.

m. The scariest thing was, I was all alone at home as my parents, together with my siblings, had gone to visit my grandparents in Penang. Not only that It was the day where on the day time I went to the Kellie Castle with my friends and now. Meanwhile I continue updating my my assignment so that I can submit it on time.’Google Chrome is not responding’ kept flashing on the screen. Then, I realized that the internet connection was disconnected after a loud thunder.

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I shut off my computer before the lightning could strike it. After that, I ran as fast as lightning without glancing back towards my bedroom from the studying room. I jumped onto my bed in protest. All of a sudden, ‘BOM…’ the door closed loudly by the wind gave me a shock. I lay down on my bed to rest but the light suddenly went out after another thunder. The rain became big fat drops and beat like bullets on the roof.

Luckily, my phone was with me. My phone was my spirit at that moment. My hearts started to thud in panic. I unlocked my phone and clicked on the flashlight app’s icon on my phone. Just at the moment the flashlight was on, I saw a shadow standing in the bedroom with white shirt and there was no head and limbs on the shadow! It pointed towards the ring and seemed to be asking for it.’Ghost arh…Oh my God!’ I screamed rivaled the blast of thunder and rain. ‘God, please help me, I promise to be nice after this’ I mumbled.

When I peeked in fear, the ‘ghost’ suddenly something strikes my mind it was the person that I saw earlier in the morning at Kellie Castle. How could I see him here again? Is he a ghost or a human? ‘The question keep on arousing in my mind. Icouldnt calm down myself thus I kept playing with my phone without glancing elsewhere so that I not thought about the scary thing. ‘There is no such thing like ghost or evil! Nobody proved that ghost exist on the earth!’ I talked to myself so that the fear within me will fade off. Soon, my phone ran out battery, it shut off automatically without warning, indicating my only source of sanity was gone. I was totally lost. ‘DING…DONG…’, the doorbell was ringing endlessly echoing in my ears, I was wondering who was pressing the doorbell although it was raining outside.

‘Is it daddy and mummy coming back earlier?’, I thought. Then, I headed to living room to open the door with happy tears. ‘Dad…dy…’, when I opened the door, I totally lost all my words. Yes, there was nobody that I could saw.

‘Must be the neighbour’s naughty boy playing the doorbell, but…it was raining now’ I wondered. Someone was trying to break into my house? Nobody by my side for the moment and how could I tackle this. I quickly closed and locked the door without second thoughts despite my hands were slightly shaking. I removed the ring in threw it away from me. Difficultly, I dragged my frozen and stoned body back to my bedroom in the dark house. On the way back to my bedroom, I sensed a freezing cold hand touching my back; I glanced back and stared at the bloody eyes like the Annabelle doll of ‘something’ strange and told ‘I want my ring……. I fainted after that. The next thing was I was woken up by my parents, on the corridor.

I cried and hugged them warmly. ‘My girl, why were you on the floor?’, my mum asked. I told them the whole story with tear and fear. My mum curved a smiled and said ‘It’s ok now, don’t worry, my girl… everything had passed’. I regained my consciousness after that. My parents brought me to the clinic for a checkup as I was over shocked and fainted. The doctor said I was too stressful probably in my studies cause illusions in my mind.But then till the end I could not figure out is there a ghost in the Kellie Castle or was that just my own imagination as I was to confuse with the word of ghost at the castle?


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