It was after The Misfit and his buddy’s stumbled across Bailey and his family after their car accident

It was after The Misfit and his buddy’s stumbled across Bailey and his family after their car accident. That they had already planned to steal the family car and leave, intuitively grandma had a feeling about the man who was in charge. So it was then that she spoke up before she even realized it and confronted the leader of the three men. Point blank she said; you sir are The Misfit smiling he answered back and said yes I am. If only she hadn’t recognized him if only she hadn’t made her son turn down that road. What happened to her family members was a monstrosity how could those men shoot children her son and his wife? As grandma tries reasoning with The Misfit she feels as though she has maybe reached him somehow. He didn’t seem to have that glazed stare. His facial expressions were different and he really acted like he heard her words and understood what she was saying to him.
When grandma reached to grab hold of his arm startled he acted before he could stop himself and shot grandma in the chest five times. He thought how peaceful she looked lying there on the ground with her arms wide open alongside her and oh that smile she had on her face. She really looked angelic. There was something that she said to The Misfit that made him think about why he did the things he did. Why was he so angry and why did his life had to turn out like it did. Maybe grandma was right Jesus was forgiving and if he could forgive us maybe just maybe the families he had tortured could learn to forgive him too. As the men approached their leader they commented on how “grandma sure was a talker”. He responded with “there is no pleasure in killing.” The two men noticed that something was different about him and they couldn’t put their finger on it, but there was something. The three men placed the bodies of the family in the woods together side by side. It was the Misfit who suggested that they put each family member’s hands together to him it was a sign of respect. He then took a blanket and placed it over their bodies to protect them from the elements and turned to walk away. He couldn’t stop thinking about the words that grandma was saying to him over and over while they were together. Those feelings were coming to the surface of his mind, and it was like a searing knife that cut his heart in two.
The three killers evaluated the family vehicle and decided that it was in better shape than the car they were driving. Plus, the car was a family wagon and they wouldn’t look suspicious in this car. As they traveled back to the main road The Misfit explained to the other two what he was going to do. And if they didn’t want any part of it he was going to let them go their own way. Those two didn’t care if they were going to die they were never going back to prison. The Misfit had lost his mind what did that woman say to him that changed him. Turn himself in he says well that was completely ludicrous. Yep, that is exactly what the Misfit was going to do when he got into the nearest town. Besides, that would give his accomplices’ time to escape.
It was a sight to see at the police station everyone’s jaw dropped as the Misfit entered its doors. In sheer surprise they immediately drew their guns and told him to raise his hands where they could see them. He was a criminal however, he wanted to change and the first step for change was his willingness to accept responsibility for his crimes. He embraced his fate and he felt for the first time in his life there was hope. Hope that he could lead a life with peace and harmony. This woman had given him so much in those last few minutes of her life that seemed to last a lifetime for him. As the officers put the handcuffs on he escorted him to a cell, the place that he was familiar with. The one place he thought that he would never be in again. It was amazing, how he didn’t seem to care this was; his new beginning. No matter what he was really satisfied with his decision to turn himself in. However, on the other side of town, the police have caught up with the Misfits friends and have isolated them. Tragically, they weren’t as fortunate as the Misfit the law didn’t know that they were holding cell phones and gunned them down.
The next morning the high profile criminal stood in front of the judge. As the judge sentenced him to prison for life the Misfit asked the judge if he could speak. The judge obliged and listened to what this man had to share. Somehow, everyone in the courtroom who knew about this murderer thought “wow” maybe it is possible people can change. Although, he knew he was going back to prison his outlook on it looked much better this time around. He wanted to do what was right by himself and the prisoners around him. Sharing his story to others he hoped would give others hope that they too could change. No, it may not change the circumstances and punishment but it would and could change how you perceive your situation. That was his mission; now, to help others just like grandma had helped him. Sure he killed her but it was accidental she startled him and he overreacted is all. He didn’t kill the other family members however; he was the one that had them killed. He tried to convince the judge he was a new man and he was going to prove to the judge and everyone else that he had changed.


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