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It stars George C. Scott as Jake Van Dorn, a Grand Rapids businessperson and dedicated Calvinist, who, as the story starts, sends his exclusive little girl, Kristen (Ilah Davis) off on a congregation youth trek to California. Van Dorn is a single parent and he cherishes Kristen, however the film doesn’t make a special effort to persuade us regarding this reality. There are no enormous scenes amongst father and little girl in the initial fifteen minutes of the film. This exclusion is vital due to what occurs straightaway. Van Dorn gets a call from the adolescent gathering in California revealing to him that Kristen has disappeared.

Whatever is left of the film takes after Jake’s endeavor to discover his girl. He contracts a shabby criminologist named Mast and inside a couple of months the investigator returns with terrible news. He has discovered Kristen, on film in a shoddy 16mm underground porn film. The core of the film is the relationship that creates between the moderately aged Calvinist from the Midwest and the LA sex specialist. What’s fascinating about these scenes is that the film doesn’t swerve into the sort of banalities that we may anticipate.

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The two don’t begin to look all starry eyed at or into a sexual relationship, nor does Van Dorn set out to spare Nikki. She’s along for this ride for the cash, and he’s utilizing her to discover his little girl. There’s a sort of exhausted regard that develops between them as they inadvertently fall into discusses about religion, sex, and ethical quality.


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