It attract attention. As the buyer buys

It shows the window to show things used by retail retailers and is a mechanical set that shows customers how their items look like a man. Psychologically, design is not often shown as the way to organize, how to open the latest news. It was found in an examination that retailers have seen an ideal image for buyers of men’s size and grade. It is used to maintain its target characteristics to advance. In any case, the user noticed that the proportion of mannequins can not be eliminated, but would give positive responses to the boat when they were not healthy. It was due to the qualities of the people in the exams, who have valuable qualities and are not related to them. In this way, it is essential that retailers understand the views and checks of psychological changes as examples, so that they can create a more attractive purchasing situation for customers. The point of purchase must be easy to obtain at the purchase point of the purchase stock and must have a personal limit to attract attention. As the buyer buys what he sees, the developer’s action is mainly for retailers, and also, physically,


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