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 It was a midnight flight from Mumbai to Delhi and me and my mariner were running like we have to win a race, we were almost missing our flight but somehow we managed to reached, we were the last couple to board the flight, my man asked the stewardess if she could check our bags and she came to us to grab our luggage she looked up and said to my mariner “You smell magnificent”, he immediately looked at my face to actually know my expression (might be a cunning look from my side was what he expected) but I smiled becoz the perfume my man was wearing that day was gifted by me. That one compliment from a gorgeous women has actually changed his perception and he started his lifelong love for fragrances.I believe every fragrance has a different story behind them, they remains in our memories for life long, same as your first kiss no matter how glorious or gross it was. I still remember the time I fell in love with my first fragrance when I was 14, and I was so impressed with the fragrance that I use to wear; that perfume every day for so many years. The older I am getting the more interested in fragrance I am, thankfully when I was working in pharma company I met with a person who use to work in fragrance industry for more than 20 years, in our conversation I got to know more about fragrances and how to wear them well which I would be sharing with you today and I am sure you would love to know more about your fav fragrance through my blog.What are fragrances?Fragrance is a mixture of fragrant essential oils. These perfumed oils are dissolved in a solvent (generally Alcohol) to preserve their smell, Greater the concentration of oil greater or higher the fragrance. These fragrance concentration are of different categories includingParfumEau de parfumEau de toiletteEau de cologneEua fraicheParfum:They have the highest fragrance concentration around 20-30% and that is why show the highest price tag of all the fragrance type, a single application remains up to 24hrs.Eau de parfum: These are the another highest concentration of fragrance but less then parfum, generally between 15-20% and last up to 6-8 hrs.Eau de toilette:These are cheaper than Eua de parfum and have a fragrance concentration around 5-15%. These are one of the most noised types of fragrance available and are considered to be day-wear, their fragrance last up to 2-4hrs.Eau de cologne:They have much lower concentration if compare with above three types of fragrance and contains high amount of alcohol; they are light, fresh and fruity in smell and last up to 2 hrs.Eua fraiche:The most weak or diluted version i can say of fragrance with 1-3% perfume oil and remains for less than one hr. It doesn’t contain a high amount of alcohol as Eau de Cologne rather the remainder of Eua fraiche is mostly water.Now once you have selected your preferred fragrance it is also important to know the right way to apply your delightfully scented fragrances and dismantle any rumor you may have heard.Less is more:I feel fragrance should be discovered not announced. With overdose, do not try to become “Charlie brown”.Don’t kill the notes:Most people (including me few years back) use to rub their wrist together after applying fragrance, with this you actually breakup the top notes(molecular bond) making the scent weaker.Rub moisturizer:To make your perfume last much longer apply your fragrance after moisturizing as moisturizer provides a base for your fragrance to latch on. If your skin is little sensitive towards fragrance this way you can protect your skin from any possible breakouts.Know your pulse point: Your body heat will push the scent throughout the day so it is always advisable to apply your spray to your pulse points like-Your wrist, inside your elbows, nape of your neck, behind your knees (If you want), chest, lower jaw, with the natural fluctuation of your body temperature will make your perfume to last all day long without being overwhelming.Things to avoid:Avoid spraying fragrances on your faceAvoid spraying directly on your clothing as well.Don’t splash if you are applying cologne, just take one fingertip and press it against the opening of your bottle now gently dab on the pulse point mentioned above.Conclusion: “Smell doesn’t really evoke memory” says Christopher Brosius (Founder of I hate perfumes), it evokes the emotion we felt at the time that caused the memory to be formed in the first place.                      


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