It the value of their actions and

It is quality education that helps an individual develop high level of skills integrated with enormous knowledge. The authors further add that quality education allow an individual to express his capabilities in the best possible ways. People feel motivated to do something great in order to prove their ability. Such motivation is based on the fact that education build their skills to a level at which they feel fully confident of the value of their actions and decisions.

In this way, the idea of integral approach involving education is interlinked with the development of quality human capital (Baron and Armstrong, 2012).This idea is also supported by other scholars and researchers who have investigated into the key predictors of human capital. It is held that education develops a person’s mind and character. Hence, it has a two-dimensional benefit where each of the dimensions is important. As the human mind builds through education, it lets a person’s creative skills shine.

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These creative skills enable him find new ways of doing things (Chimanikire, 2009). Hence, people are able to bring innovation based on their knowledge and skills developed through education. Similarly, human character that is built through education is also an asset for the individual.

A person learns, through continuous process of learning as to how he should comply with the principles of law and ethics while proceeding with his ideas, actions, and decisions (Odit, et al. 2010).Spring and Routledge (2015) also provide the evidence of the relationship between education and human capital development. The authors argue that people are born illiterate and they build their knowledge and skills as they grow up.

Therefore, education plays an important role in building their capabilities by equipping them with knowledge. Their talent is also polished after getting educated. Therefore, education is found to be a great source of building human capital for a nation that has the potential to affect the


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