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It is known that organic solvents are expensive, ?ammable and not environmental friendly. Lookup has been carried out to boost methods which use much less natural solvents. For this reason, synthesis techniques based on aqueous structures are preferable on account that they are environmental pleasant compared to techniques based totally on natural solvents. For ZIF-8 synthesis, Pan et al 16 have been the ?rst who observed a technique to synthesize ZIF-8 by usage of an aqueous device at room temperature. But they encountered problems with their synthesis; they used a Zn2+: HMeIm molar ratio of 1:70, which means a lot of HMeIm doesn’t react and is spilled by the use of this approach (to compare, the Zn2+: HMeIm molar ratio in ZIF-8 is 1:2). To decrease the extra amount of linker needed, auxiliary agents can be used to assist the formation of the needed product. Auxiliary agents, for example triethylamine (TEA) can help with the deprotonation of the imidazole and initiate the formation of ZIF-8


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