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It is important that staff continue working on their progress and development of their individual practice, especially in health and social care settings. This process will help increase the staff member’s potential through different types of educational and training opportunities, these extra opportunities will not only benefit the staff members but it will benefit the service users within that setting. By having extra training days and learning new skills, the staff members are able to use those skills and put them into practice for the service users, this can potentially improve the quality of care given. There are many strategies and activities that can be carried out within the workplace to help improve staff development. These strategies are things such as reflective practice and training days. It is crucial that staff continue to develop their practice so that they are able to see how far they have come, what they have achieved and what they need to improve on. Reflective practice is put in place in order to improve the quality of the service. When reflecting, they are frequently going over the policies and procedures and any new standards that have been set. This means that are up to date with them which enables them to do their job to the quality that is expected. By regularly reflecting, they are able to see where there has been a lack of knowledge or skills and what they have to improve on. They can work on these as soon as possible to keep the quality of the service at a good standard.
Training days are put in places such as schools, hospitals and care homes to make sure that staff members are aware of the current practices and legislations. By going through staff training, staff members gain more knowledge and experience as their able to develop their skills as well as learning new ones. Due to this, they are also able to gain more self-confidence within their practice.


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