it such as having a language barrier

it is important for you to identify these symptoms and let the school notify their parents and not to create a diagnosis. Older children will be able to inform you themselves if they feel unwell, but some children may have communication difficulties such as having a language barrier and may not be able to tell you their symptoms.
2.2 Within every school they must have a qualified first aider, and in case of an emergency it’s vital for you to know who the first aider is and how to contact them.
When dealing with minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes from maybe falling over on the playground, these can easily be handled within school and don’t require pupils to go home. These minor injuries can be treated by washing with clean water and if needed apply a plaster/band-aid over the area. lotion or creams must not be applied ever.
It is important to record and report when a child has suffered an injury, especially if a pupil has suffered a head bump, the report will be sent to parents to help notify them of what has happened and to look out for any symptoms. The school must always record down if an incident or accident has taken place, it is important to take notes of the incident promptly after it was occurred and a member of staff with authority will then sign the reports. By law if there has been any severe accidents, the school must report to the Health and Safety executive.


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