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It is important for any country to have good citizens. Democracies in particular, rely on good citizenship to make them run smoothly and be successful. Unlike countries that are not democratic or are not free like the United States, some countries have their lives controlled by the government. Therefore, their citizens have less responsibility to make the country thrive. The United States actually depends upon the good citizenship of the members of the population to make it work instead of having the government control the inner workings.

The lack of government control gives the United States citizens their freedom. With that freedom comes responsibility. Being a responsible citizen means being a productive member of society by being responsible, law abiding and caring.

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Being responsible means taking care of yourself. A good citizen will work hard to take care of his/her family. He will try to provide food, shelter, healthy lifestyles, care and leisure time activities. Providing for the family by working will also help the economy of the country thrive, which keeps the country running. Obeying the laws is another way for someone to be a good citizen. It is very important for people in the community to follow laws.

The government, national, state and local, puts laws in place to keep peace and order in the communities and states. Without the existence of laws, life would be chaos. Obeying these laws help keep the country running smoothly from local communities to the entire country. It is important for the country to work well together.

Another characteristic of a good citizen is someone who is caring. This is important to society because the population members must show some concern for the greater good and not just themselves. A good citizen will be willing to help others in their times of need. The United States government tries to provide help and aide for less fortunate, but cannot always do so. Good citizens often volunteer services to make various organizations work to help the entire community and to help individuals.

It is important to help others in need and a good citizen will do so.A community or country cannot survive without good citizens. Responsibility, lawfulness and caring are essential characteristics of good citizenship. Citizens who demonstrate these qualities help make the government run smoothly. In conclusion, for a community to be successful and thrive, all members of the community must be law abiding, caring and responsible. It is the ultimate responsibility for each and every member of the community to strive to be the best they can for the good of the country.


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