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It is common in today’s world to find kids from all range of ages who find themselves living tough lives because of certain things they are aware of yet impotent. Once you know of something there’s no easy way to rid your mind of it, especially when it holds a negative impact over your perspective of a higher authority or someone you’ve just simply expected better from. It is important for those who don’t understand this perspective from children to open their eyes and be aware of this to help prevent future cases of deprived childhoods and disturbing memories. This is known as deprivation of childhood; childhoods torn away from kids because they struggle to understand or conduct themselves over a state of affairs. After reading the short story ‘Fiesta, 1980’, this child perspective is opened up to adults who can be given the opportunity to understand what general things these children suffer from with that general question, how does Junot Diaz utilize prime examples of archetypes to paint a vivid coming-of-age story that any reader can understand?The story is told from the perspective of a adolescent Latino boyThere is much evidence to support and show that Yunior has some sort of an anxiety disorder due to his father’s demanding personality.

This is prevalent in the beginning of the story. “If Papi had walked in and caught us lounging around in our underwear, man, he would have kicked our asses or something serious.” (Diaz, 1).

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Parental psychological as well as physical abuse can lead to a whole multitude of anxiety disorders in children. This affects an estimated “8-10 of every 100 children and adolescents.” (Rizvi, Najma, 2014).


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