It when directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation..

It is barely impossible to store early harvested maize with a high moisture content. Farmers who sale high moisture content maize hardly make profits according to market research. Also, grain losses, rotting and fungi infestation are high when maize is harvested green. Grain drying is necessary for wet grains to reduce grain losses and increase the value; to maize drying by hanging on wooden structures for sun drying. A survey was carried out on ordinary sun drying method and it was found out that the existing method was very tedious, time wasting, wastage, in terms of production and consequently having a very low hygienic level. The level of nutrient in the dried products are greatly reduced when directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation.. Improved drying techniques are essential for good storage condition and availability of produce all year round. Other sources of power especially motorized power and electricity are out of reach for most maize farmers. Therefore, in this paper, the design and development of a solar maize dryer with automated parameter control systems is presented. Critical parameters like moisture content, bulk density, humidity and temperature are also considered int the design of the project. This project gives an account of the automated parameter control systems using Arduino Software as well as the grain handling systems to and from the drying chamber. The design of the drying chamber as well as the amount of moisture that can be reduced in one batch and the amount of air needed to effectively dry grain is also considered in this project. This project also contains analyses and suggestions of volume of air required to effect drying as well as the blower capacity, the amount of heat required to effect drying and effective heat used during drying. A batch size of 1500 kg of threshed wet maize is going to be developed. The dryer is to be used on the farm for commercial purposes.


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