It and travelling. My obsession with computers

It is true that hard workand perseverance would take you to great heights, but these virtues, whenrooted in strong moral values can take you to even greater heights, heightsthat one would think impossible to attain. This is the moral code that myfamily and I firmly believe in and we as a family live by this code.

 Of allthe hobbies that I have, I love Photography the best. The ground on which Ichoose photography as my favourite hobby is owing to the fact that it enablesme to seize the best moments of my life. To get good shots, one needs to have alot of patience, dedication, and eye for detail. These have been ingrained in me from my parentsand family by making me believe that success comes to those who work hard. Apartfrom photography, I also have interests in sketching, marathon running and travelling. My obsession withcomputers began in early 2000’s when my dad bought the first family computer.As a kid I have always been fascinated by the way it works, this piqued myinterest and compelled me to explore more about them.

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Through the years, I havecome to realize the similarities between the way a computer works and the wayin which I have managed multiple interests and excelled at them. I entered anew phase of my life when I scored 99 out of 100 in Computer Science during myPre-University College exams which influenced my decision to take up ComputerScience as my core subject for Engineering. Being a consistentstudent, I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineeringfrom NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte with an aggregate of 8.57 CGPA. Exposureto subjects such as Computer Graphics, Advanced Computer Architecture, andMultimedia Processing motivated me to keep pace with the modern technology. Lessons learned in childhood about discipline and patience helped me tolearn and implement newly-acquired skills in my projects and internships andalso held me in good stead through my college life.

 I have worked on multiple projects during my undergraduate studies, oneof them was on Computer Graphics, this project mainly involved 2D visual of myCollege “NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte” using OpenGL libraries. Thisproject further enhanced my ability to work on colour models and 3Dtransformations. I have also completed a project on Mobile ApplicationDevelopment named “Balance Sheet” which was a basic application of budgetmanagement designed using Android. This project gave a clear illustration ofhow a compiler functions and what tools we need to modify it to ensure itsoperation in a specific desired manner. Also further during vacation, I havesuccessfully designed a website for maintaining and managing the resources fora local religious community. For this, I used HTML as markup, JSP for scriptingand MySQL for storage. These ventures enhanced my learning experienceand I believe that throughout my 4-year program I have tried my best tounderstand and cultivate important skill sets out of the wide range ofpotential outcomes in the field of Computer Science.

 Besides academics, Ihave been involved in various extracurricular activities. I have participatedin inter-school events in college. I have also coordinated during theannual college fest.

These events fuelled the leadership qualities in me andimproved my organizing abilities.Due to my hard workand proven skillset I was one among the few recruited by ‘Infosys’ (One of theglobal leaders in technology services and consulting). I worked at Infosys for5 months as a System Engineer Trainee where I sharpened my abilities in Python,DBS and Software Engineering.The training alsoincluded languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS 1.5 andTwitter Bootstrap. During the same period, I also worked on a project called’iAttendance’. ‘iAttendance’ is a user-friendly, platform independent, highlyoptimized application which allowed a company to keep track of their employee’sattendance by automating timekeeping and attendance tracking. At the end oftraining/internship assessment, I received an ‘A’ for my contribution towardsthe project.

 Later I continuedwith Infosys for more than a year as Systems Engineer during which I worked on aweb application based on AngularJS, CSS3, High Charts and SASS for client ‘Fidelity’,banking application based on JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap for product’Finacle’ and web designing based on LESS and GULP for client ‘ReckittBenckiser’. Working in an environment where there is no substitute for hardwork. I learned that one must hone their unique skill sets to aspire to becomea crucial part of an organization. During my time working with Infosys, I haveadditionally enhanced my communication, management, and analytical skill setsto be on par with the expectations of the client and the necessities of thecurrent market.It is a splendid opportunity for me to study in the ComputerScience department of _____University at ____ which will direct my future intothe field of my ardor.

With the distinguished faculty having many years ofexperience, working under them will give me abundant knowledge required toexcel in my profession. I believe that I possess the motivation, intellectualability and preparation to set out on this exhilarating path. I am hopeful thatmy consistent academic performance will help me towards securing an admissionto your department.It will be acherishing experience to be an international student amongst many like-mindedand enterprising people.

I believe that your University will help me chase mydreams, prepare me to become a leader and if given an opportunity, I promise toensure my complete commitment to the course.   


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