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It has been a long path for me to choose a major. Since I was young, I wanted to become a hero. I always knew that my community needed doctors, engineers, and teachers because there was a critical lack of educated people. I recall spending nights looking at the ceiling, thinking about my future: how I will save people’s lives, innovate their society, and become a role model to those younger than me, like my brothers, and friends so they could follow my steps. For me, the only way to achieve my dream was to become a doctor. However, I was totally wrong.
Last April, I had the opportunity to visit Penn Engineering. I was invited by the forum WICS: Women In Computer Science, which is a student organization that aims to foster a community for women in technology at Penn – including Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computational Biology, Digital Media Design and Networked and Social Systems Engineering. The workshops that I attended have proven to me that Computer Science is a worthwhile direction for any young who is engaged into making the world a better place. Developed through the technological architecture of electrical engineering and the computational language of mathematics, the science of computer has provided considerable recognition in the world. After the lectures, I weighed the pros and cons, and realized that a major in Computer Science would make my dream of becoming a hero more achievable.
The University of Pennsylvania is the most selective and prestigious school not only in the state of Pennsylvania, but also around the world. It has many attractive features, but to me, the most appealing aspect lies in its fundamental principles. The University of Pennsylvania emphasizes the importance of both theory and practice, values creative over routine and fundamental over fashionable. These foundational beliefs are reflected in its world-class education, encouragement of interdisciplinary studies, and collaboration. Those features make UPenn as my ideal college.
My objective at Upenn is pursue a career in advancing the role of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. I would major in Computer Science and focus my electives on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Biology. My years spent in High School helped me realized that Biology and Mathematics are my favorite subjects. I love Maths for its logic and concepts; I believe that Maths is all about intuition and creative thinking. I love Biology for its fascinations and broadness. Within those two subjects, there is always something new to learn and create. At Penn Engineering, I expect to take classes that will improve my analysis skills, and with my strong mathematical backgrounds, I am excited to explore algorithms to solve critical problems in the biomedical field.
Beyond academics, the University of Pennsylvania offers numerous extracurricular activities. I would definitely join the Weiss Tech House, and the PERCH ( Penn Engineering Research and Collaboration HUB). I would become part of Pennovation because I am prepared to work and collaborate with other innovators who are just as interested in making an impact as I am.
Overall, I believe that my dream of being a hero will come true by all means. I have complete faith that the University of Pennsylvania is the perfect place for me. Being a Computer Science student at Upenn will make me a well prepared leader in the future. I will be exposed at numerous opportunities and be able to make the world a better place. For instance, in ten years, I could see myself helping people with autism communicate better, creating machines that will help fight against pollution. I will obviously become a role model for my younger brothers and friends. By pursuing a Phd in Computer Science, I would be able to teach those who did not have the chance of a good education. At Penn Engineering, I look forward to being a leader, a friend, but principally a Quaker.


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