It with interconnection exists under socio-cultural environments leading

Itought to be a well-known fact in our civilization history that one of theoldest professions, being an artisan that result of a long progressive advancementwith interconnection exists under socio-cultural environments leading tocontinuous evolution as what we observe today. We as human being see the world differently not like whatmachine does. They are not imaginative or very creative in doing things. Althoughadvance society keeps on promoting toward a world with advance robots andcomputers, we still value most human artworks because we appreciate the senseof human touch which carries intrinsic value, despite they aremore competitive than humanworkers.

 The key point of the recognition comes from the works of greatbrains and clearly pointed out that it is imagination as a central to the humansuccess. In fast-changing world and rapid populationgrowth today, we have a lot of creative brains and talents out there, just nameit. Some ofworld’s technopreneur leaders likeBill gates, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are amongst ofoptimists who build great companiesthat nurture innovation and creativity.As both capability uses of basic cognitive procecces, ourbrain and the way it interacts with culture and society is amazingly smarterand powerful than computers. Forresearch scientist, cognitive process is part of generating a new knowledgethat relies upon the relation between how we think, the sense and also socio-culturalcontext which is critical, as this interaction is embodied in our mind and dailyexperience, which is requiring continuous focus and deep intention.This means that our thoughts and feelings acquire from peoplewe interact with is intensely significant, and the way we grasp and achieveself-acquaintance and understand of others of equally substantial importance.

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In this millennial era, we require youngers withcreative skills more than ever, as we shape our globes at a fast-pace and highly-competitiveenvironments and live out in creative and innovative society, as well as creatinga sustainable setting and inculcate a leadership spirit for future. While that is true that such as robots and intelligent machines are undoubtedly indispensable for economic business, thesame article found that the rest part of the world was doing well too with anaid from human workforce. Let’s thanks to our brainthat it is altruism guides us to such a responsible thought. Antagonistically,without altruism we have no compass spins to sail beyond seas. 


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