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Is the government proposed by the convention republican? If so, we should grasp it. If not, we should reject it. Yet, what makes a government republican?
It is first very important to realize that this term is often used very loosely by political writers. Holland, Poland, Venice, and England though called republican are far from it. There are certain criteria for a government to be republic. 1) A republican government is one which receives its power from the people and managed by those in office under certain limitations (pleasure, time and behavior). Out of these two criteria the first is absolutely imperative and the second follows so long as the administrators are appointed directly or indirectly by the people.
Having seen what a republican government consists of we can compare it to the proposed government of the convention. Firstly, this government receives its authority from the people. The House of Representatives, the Senate, the President, and the Judges who all receive their power from the people are examples of this. Secondly, the proposed government is republican in regards to the duration of the official administrators. (The House of Representatives is selected every two years. The Senate is appointed every 6 years. The President is elected every 4 years and is impeachable. The duration of a judge depends on his good behavior). Thirdly, the proposed government is consistent with the republican criteria in that no titles of nobility are permitted.
Though we have just proved that the proposed government is republican, the anti-federalists claim that a federal from must be preserved so that the states can be recognized as a confederacy. Additionally, they declare that our government is a national government -a consolidation of states. In order to answer these claims, we initially need to 1) ascertain the real character of the government, 2) discern how far the authority of the convention goes to approve this Proposed government, 3) and how far the duty to their country could supply any defect of their authority.


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