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Is Math discovered or invented?
The universe was created by God. Mathematics is found from human urge to investigate order in the universe.
Mathematics is a language that continues to develop to study structures and patterns. Rooted in and renewed by worldly reality, and driven by human intellectual curiosity, mathematics soars up to reach the realm of abstraction and generality, where unexpected, astonishing, and extremely beneficial relationships and patterns are revealed for human life.
Mathematics is a natural home for both abstract thinking and concrete universe laws. Mathematics is also pure logic and creative art.
Placing mathematics as part of human culture will display the human face of mathematics formed by the brilliance and limitations of human reason. Some characteristics include:
Mathematics is not a science that has absolute truth. The truth in mathematics is relative truth which depends on the agreement agreed upon together. Some even think that in mathematics there is no truth that is only validity.
Mathematics is not a science that cannot be wrong. As a science discovered and developed by humans, mathematics certainly does not escape human limitations and errors. History has proven that. It is precisely through this error that humans are encouraged and encouraged to grow and develop.
Mathematics is not a collection of numbers, symbols, and formulas that have nothing to do with the real world. On the contrary, mathematics grows from and is rooted in the real world. Empirical reality is studied and controlled by humans in the form of mathematical models and structures that are analyzed with the help of typical tools available in mathematics, and the results are used again by humans to master and develop the world and the natural world.
Mathematics is not a collection of work techniques that only need to be memorized so they are ready to use to solve problems. The process of the formation of mathematics in human history reveals the fact that what is essential in mathematics is precisely the background from the resolution of the problem that becomes his struggle. The beauty of mathematics does not appear in the end result, but in the long process of human struggle to achieve the end result.
The object of mathematics is an element that is social-cultural-historical. The object is the common property of all humanity as one of the means used by humans to develop certain aspects of their human life and which are formed through a long process of history that forms the face of mathematics itself.
“Intuitionists” believe that mathematics is only a creation of the human mind. In that sense, you may argue that mathematics is invented by humans. Any mathematical object exists only in our mind and has no such existence.
  “Platonists”, on the other hand, argue that any mathematical object exists and we can only “see” them through our mind. Thus, the Platonists would vote that mathematics was discovered.
My personal point of view is that mathematicians invented the axioms and rules of operation, the rest is discovered. Mathematicians invented notations to write the concepts that are discovered within the universe of an axiom. We invented the rules of matrix multiplication, but the consequences of the way we do matrix multiplications are discovered.


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