INTRODUCTIONInformation managed Information Technology (IT). Information Technology

INTRODUCTIONInformation system has been used over years by successful business.

Hospitality industry is a very fast growing industry that require more skills to people. In which is why information system having a very huge impact in this industry. In fact hospitality industry won’t survive without information because it needs it to inform about the latest trends that might help the industry to always stay sustained and not perishableIMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION SYSTEM IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Information System in Hospitality Industry refers to a Computer System that supplies the information about the industry in the field that Hospitality Industry operates in.

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In this changing environment, new models of distribution must be designed to lead the charge. A strategic information management function should facilitate the business mission of its enterprise through managed information, managed processes, and managed Information Technology (IT). Information Technology has influenced every sphere of human life in the last few decades in tremendous way. Information System typically includes all computerised systems which are used to gather data continuously both for external and internal use. Market wisdom today suggests that hospitality companies must embrace technology to compete against traditional competitors, as well as entrants build their businesses with the latest technologyTHE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCES THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRYPOLITICAL -government policies can have a dramatic effect on hospitality industry and its potential development, by introducing new policies and limitations. The privacy and security issues are also very crucial.

Therefore, political proves that this industry has a huge impacts on the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT figures of the country. SOCIAL/CULTURAL-demographic changes and changes in consumer’s behaviour towards new technology and internet in particular way. This will have a direct impact on the tourism and hospitality industry respectfully. Nowadays this industry has become the most popular industry because of the influence that the information system has on the industry and the advanced skilled workers. The social system dimension must include the larger hospitality and industry and it process to make the mark in the market.

HOW DOES THE HOSPITALITY BENEFITES FROM THE INFORMATION SYSTEMThe hospitality and tourism sector has been a key beneficiary as it has allowed the contemporary traveller to find pleasure in plethora of options. Information systems plays a very important in the hotel industry as they facilitate planning, management, over all operations of the hotel as well as making policy. The diffusion of the system of information technologies in tourism and hospitality will increase the efficiency, quality and flexibility with which travel services are supplied. It has already t generation of new services, such as online brochures and interactive video test.

Technology has the greatest impact on the marketing and distribution of travel. The industry leaves relatively untouched the human-nature areas of guest test relations and supplier consumer relationship.THE IMPACTS OF COUNTRY’S ECONOMY BY HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM INDUSTRY The economic of the country is being affected by the profit that the industry is making because is the most contributory fact that influences the economy of the county as the whole. However, in most cases we find that the country’s economy tends to increases during some seasons, because people usually wants to enjoy holidays with their families outside their environment it could be, anywhere they feel like going to.

That is why technology has been the most influential factor to help the industry outdone the other industries in terms of profit and how fast does the industry grows. That is why some say that this is none perishable industry because it opens 365 days a year and it employees do not have so called working hours nor holidays, but technology is here to make our lives a bit easier the work less hours and the other part of the work information will do


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