IntroductionHayao family had evacuated to Kanuma, he

IntroductionHayao Miyazaki is one of the greatest animation director, his hepburn is Miyazaki Hayao( a system of Japanese language, they put last name before first name.

) He was born in January fifth, 1941 and is still alive in the present. All the movies he had created are wonderful, because all his movies were all by hand drawings and one of his movie “Ponyo” had used 170,000 manuscripts to animated.Early ChildhoodHe was born in Bunkyo Ward of Tokyo, and he is the second of four sons in his family. His father Katsuji Miyazaki was also a director, he was the director of Miyazaki Airplane which company that manufactured the aircraft parts during World War II. He had moved several times, he moved to Utsunomiya when he was three years old. Then after bombing of Utsunomiya during World War II his family had evacuated to Kanuma, he was only six years old and the bombing had given him a lasting impression. He has had stomach weakness since childhood and had been asserted by the doctor to only live till 20 years old.

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Due to his weakness he was always the last player in a race of school sports day.His mother was really sick with the Mycobacterium tuberculosis invading the refractory disease of the spine since he was 6 years old. Hayao clearly remembered he had once begged his mother to hug him but his mother refused him with tears and it became his childhood shadow. After grew up he just know his mother because her ailment she couldn’t move/stand up by herself so there is no way to hug him. To be the second son he need to be strong as well.EducationMiyazaki Hayao started education in 1947, at an elementary school in Utsunomiya, completing the first through third grades. After his family moved many times so he had been to the following schools, ?miya Elementary School, Eifuku Elementary School,and after graduating from Eifuku he attended ?miya Junior High. Base on his sickness mom he can not rely on mom and he had to force himself to play a good kid not to be worried by others.

Thus becoming more and more depressed at that moment he found something to soothe the soul. Yes, it is comics and anime. Since then he started worked hard to paint all day, as long as there is time. In the winter of 12th grade, he watched the Japan’s first color animation “White Snake”. The character White lady is tenacious courage to live, Miyazaki was deeply impressed by the character. He aspired to become a manga artist, but discovered he could not draw people; instead, he only drew planes, tanks, and battleships for several years. Miyazaki would visit his art teacher from middle school and sketch in his studio, where  he would drink and “talk about politics, life, all sorts of things” in those two places.Leaterlife & CurrentlifeMiyazaki married the animator Akemi Ota, they have two sons name Gor?, born in 1967, and Keisuke, born in 1969.

His is still living in Japan as a adult. He is still a manga artist, film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, and author. His mother died when he was 42 years old. Some people said he is a retired anti-warrior, because he said he is going to retired seven or more times.

The first time he said he is going to retired was after finish Castle in the sky at that time he was 45 years old, then are Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, Spirited away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo, now he is age seventy seven and not sure if he is actually retired or going to have another movie. As a fan wish he could create more awesome movies as long as he is healthy enough keep working.AccomplishmentIn 2003, his movie “Spirited Away” won the 75th Oscar Award for best animated feature, and the 52nd Berlin Film Festival Highest honor “Golden Bear Award”. This is the pinnacle of his career Hayao Miyazaki won Denial Oscar, however he refused to go to the scene to bring the Oscars.

Because in 2003, came the war in Iraq Hayao Miyazaki said:”I do not want to go to a country that is bombing Iraq.”For the Oscars Hayao Miyazaki did not care so muchOn the contrary, anti-war is Hayao Miyazaki movie show as motif of the worldIt is also the pursuit of his lifeI think his movie affected people to think more about their live, humanity, love, and the history(war). His accomplishment made him became famous, and earn lot of money for his life. If he’s never lived then people wouldn’t  reflection of themselves and never have a good entertainment for family.Most of his movie characters are based on his mother, and himself.


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