Introduction Master students and EFL teachers concerning

IntroductionThis chapter is the last part of our research work is concerned with the discussion of the findings, the results of this study then, limitations Suggestions and recommendations will be discussed regarding the use of computer and Smartphone inside the classroom that would help teachers and learners to enhance language teaching and learning process , EFL teachers need these tools in their sessions to assign their learners with new tasks that help them communicate and enhance their language learning, In this regard ,the results that obtained from the analyses of the students? questionnaire and the teachers interview ? at the English department of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University of Mostaganem were used for collecting information from Master students and EFL teachers concerning their use of computer technology and Smartphone in their professional and educational life ,In addition a set of conclusion seem to end with .. 3.1.

Discussion of the major findingsThe purpose of this paper is to share my reflections over the use of technology inside classroom to enhance language learning, as well, I explore the implications of my key findings and importance of the use of Smartphone and computer technology with EFL Teachers and Learners,We have reached the desired results through the case study of M1 students at university of Abdel Hamid Ben Badis in Mostaganem .The discussion of the findings obtained from the analyses of data gathering tools namely the questionnaire addressed to students and the teachers’ interview the major findings of the study have been described below :After analyzing the questionnaire of the students, The main point which we found is that Smartphone and computer technology will have a significant impact on teaching and learning language ,we find out that the students showed motivation and interest for when they use their phones or their computers inside the classroom, They win their confidence and they feel that they are so talented in speaking and listening to videos and English songs ,to check their pronunciation in grammar Students record themselves and playing back listen to themselves speaking which can help them to correct their mistakes .We noticed that when the teacher provides the learners with technology, they do not feel bored or unrelaxed, they feel so motivated and they interact with multimedia materials, they support their teachers new teaching way . and even controlling their learning outcome and progress.

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Through the questionnaire questions (1) and (2), we noticed that Students Have not been taught computing course before ,using computer inside the classroom wasn’t allow , the answers falls in different parts :those who thought about using computer and Smartphone without implementing it in their classrooms, those who implemented Smartphone and computer in their classrooms and those who have never thought about the idea as a whole. This means that the idea of using a computer in the educational process is still lagging behind.From the analyses of students questionnaire question( 4) and (6) we observed that students think that learning English by using computer and phones is easier than books.

They mentioned that computers and phones are mainly used in listening ,and speaking and make reading more enjoyable and help them to develop their skills and they can move from page to another easier rather than books,group of them were even astonished for the idea, they said: “we don’t think that books are the perfect solutions for EFL learners to learn English especially that we’re in 21C and the time changes we prefer computers and smart phones because they are so rapid and heavy and it will be easily used in the extensive reading classroom.The results of questionnaire question (8) indicated that students prefer computer technology and Smartphone,because it brings benefits for them ,they always try to change their learning style to new one, and maintain a positive attitude toward computer and Smart phone.At the last results of our questionnaire questions (9) and (10) students were asked about their opinions concerning teachers ways of teaching, the majority report that they support the idea of changing the traditional teaching way and adopt the computer and smart phone as it is the main materials, they said “teaching with the new technology will raise our motivation to learn the English language rather than the traditional one”. This is because the computer and smart phone provides them the opportunity to learn better new vocabularies, and correct pronunciation.From the analyses of the teachers’ interview, we started by teachers background , in Question (1) and (2) results we noticed that Teacher’s experience in teaching is long since they have spent about more than( 8) years in teaching English,their responses will be of great importance in comparison with one teacher who have a short experience in teaching . However ,Teachers also face obstacles in their teaching process ,lack of Motivation it was thefirst and similar answer that teachers said , All teachers think that there are some students who are not motivated to learn a language ,Even they used different techniques to encourage their students to build their positive self-esteem.

Some teachers mention that they faced obstacle in transmitting a message because of the huge variety between students ,the lack of time also made them in hurry and they forget to mention some essential points .The results that are obtained from teachers interview’s question (4) showed that all teachers , including who had no experience with using computer and smartphone inside the EFL classes ,shared the same opinion that using these tools will enhanced language learning and teaching but it can not replace a teacher, teachers reported that using Smart phone and Computers it can bring benefits to EFL teachers , as well as to all students, but we cannot replace it by teacher.The Answers to the fifth and eight questions demonstrate that teachers don’t support the idea of using video chat phones to help students improving their speaking skills ,because their students still face some pronunciation problems and they cannot correct it easily ,but using dictionary and some English applications are necessary because they use it all the time in their daily life.From the analyses of the teachers’ interview question (7) ,we report that teachers think that using smartphone and computer technology in classromm it can enhance language learning indeed but it has also a negative way which encourages laziness in the same time.With regard to teachers responses in questions(9) and (10) , Almost all of the teachers agree that using the computer and smart phone in classroom to enhance their students language learning is important, and one of them he said that “computers and Smartphone’s must become the norm in classrooms and universities and we should encourage our students to use these tools to develop their skills “. we report that The teachers believe that using smart phone and computer to enhance language learning is relevant, but they cannot neglect the traditional teaching way, They trusted that a computer or a phone can never replace a teacher .

The last results which is about the teachers impact on their students and we report that (3) teachers prefer do not speak about their impact and they give the word to their students because they don’t know the answer, except one teacher who think he had an positive impact on his students .3.2. Comparison between Students’ questionnaire and Teachers’ interview Results :After analyzing the results of both teachers’ interview and students’ questionnaire , through results we are going to comparing if teachers and students have the same perceptions towards the use of computer technology and smart phone to enhance English language learning and teaching .We are going to start with the first elements teachers and students have agreed on, which is the use of smart phone and computer inside the classroom , Learners state that using our computer and phones inside classroom is very important for us, because it offers a great solutions to solve our problems such as pronunciations and some skills ;on the other hand teachers decide also that using these tools help them to prepare their lectures ,motivate and encourage their students to develop their skills and enhance language learning .Concerning using video chats ,dictionary and some application in phones and computers can enhance language learning , the majority of students say yes it can enhance our learning language ,the same for teachers who think using dictionary and someenglish application can enhance language teaching because they use it in their daily life.

In addition, students and teachers inform that using computer technology or Smart phone will enhance learning and encourage laziness in the same time students prefer using computer and phones inside the classroom because it facilitates our education life, but we cannot say it has no negative way because using too much these tools will encourage laziness , many teachers take into their considerations that students prefer using computer and smart phone to enhance their skills, but over use of these tools students would face some problems such as feel lazy and less motivated3.3. Limitation of the studyThis research has some limitations as any research, actually I have gained different insights through my research, it helped me reach a better understanding of me as an beginner researcher and for become an effective researcher in the future.

The first limitation is the lack of references ,we have faced the obstacle of the availability of references in the libraries of Mostaganem, Another big limitation I found was my population that I have choose ,I selected Master one students in Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University, I thought first they will be so helpful with us but they were not, idid 70 copies of questionnaire; 12 of them didn’t back my questionnaire to me and 8 of them responded just in YES and NO questions i faced a lot of obstacles when I analyze the questionnaire, Third, problem of time, it was difficult to have teachers for interviews. Because Teachers are required to finish their exams especially i was so late and i didn’t came during the exams so time became a limitation for me , and I hoped to interviewed more than 4 interviewees.My final limitation of this study is the way that i organized my research i wished to have experiment and more time with my interviewee to explore great work , but the time was limited .

The major Recommendations and Suggestions for Future ResearchAfter analyzing our results of student’s and teacher’s questionnaires, We are going to give some recommendations for using computer technology and Smartphone inside EFL classroom to enhance language learning. we would also propose some suggestions to attract both students and teachers to the use of computer technology and smartphone inside the classroom to enhance language learning.First of all, The main purpose of using Smart phone and computer technology in EFL classrooms, is to provide new styles and new ways for students to learn a language .• using computer technology and Smartphone in EFL classroom, would give some opportunities to students to enhance their achievement and capacity of learning .• The integration of computer technology and Smartphone in education life ,will brings new ways of learning and teaching.• Teachers would merge Smartphone and computer technology into their classroom lessons to encourage the students and make them not feel any of boring when assist the classes.• The teacher should involve his students in their decisions and support their learning strategies , They should understand the learners’ difficulties and then follow the development of technology (Smart, 2008).


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