Introduction bicycle came in mind. Our aim in

IntroductionThere are many types of bicycle in the world such as normal bicycle that people need to paddle for it to move, motorized bicycle that uses fuel as its prime power and electric bicycle that can only be sufficient for an hour.

Because of weaknesses in the existence systems, the idea of a solar bicycle came in mind. Our aim in this project is to proceed through Engineering Design Steps to design a Solar cell operated bicycle. The idea is to make the bicycle last longer and can be automatically recharge when the bicycle is not in use by the renewable solar energy.

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In this project, we will go through many different steps. There are seven steps in total. First, conceptual design steps which are defining the problem and the design requirements and specifications that identifies what is suitable and comfortable for the users which include light weight material with an economical price, then gathering information from internet and selecting the most suitable ideas that meets with the design requirements and constrains. Then evaluating concepts by Decision matrix. After that following the embodiment Design steps which are focusing on sizing, modelling, and including some limitation for the design and concluding a 3D design. The selected concept will be showed in a detailed design sample.Problem statement:As what had been mention, there are different types of bicycle that can be categories that is paddle bicycle, motorized bicycle and electric bicycle.

The weakness of the bicycle make people do not like to use bicycle. 1- Paddle bicycle: Need a lot of energy to paddle the bicycle. The user will surely be tired after using the bicycle. 2- Motorized bicycle: Using fuel as prime mover. The bicycle use fuel, which is costly. Besides that, it will make pollution that can be very bad for our environment especially in this period that global warming is happening.

3- Electric bicycle: generated by battery that can be sufficient for about an hour. The user needs to find power supply to recharge the battery or else they need to paddle the bicycle that is using more energy compare to the normal bicycle because of the weight. So, we need to design a solar cell operated bicycle for all type of users. The solar bicycle should be designed with low weight, economical price, comfortable seat, suitable for male and female, environmentally friendly, battery that can be used for a long time and when there is no sunlight, the bicycle must be charged by mains electricity. Specifications Requirements* Made of light materials e.g.(*Simple design (reduce materials) * Light weight bicycle* Adjustable seat.Using material e.g.( * Comfortable seat* simple and basic design * Economical price* Made of strong materials to hold different weights of male and female.* Suitable for all sizes and height.* suitable for non-athletes, individuals with health problems.* color of the bicycle must be suitable for male and female e.g.( white , black,gray) * Suitable for male and female, all types of users* using high quality battery e.g.( * Battery charged by solar panel can be used for a long timeColorful , *Attractive shapeodometer *Speed of the bicycle can be changed (control speed)Device’s name * Contains a speed time distance calculator


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