Introduction different formats, such as images and videos.

The system name Google is commonly spelled from googol which fits their goal of building a large-scale information technology. Search engine become imperative in this decade, it is widely used to collect information or to solve problems but people often don’t realise that how do they get all information? How does search engine can resolve their difficulty? Search engine usually operated by robots, often called crawlers or spiders (Ultius, 2016), which serves the purpose of sorting all the relevant information on the webpages. It is designed in a way that operates when a user type the search query on search engine. However the web creates new challenges for internet users. Due to constantly increase in information or webpages on internet, it is pitfall for new operators to learn the art of research. Automated search engines that rely on keywords many times give low quality result, also few advertisers’ uses keywords to gain popularity or mislead the users from the sources which turn outs to be a conflict for this. However, google provides wide range of facilities to all types of users, also they kept on updating their system and introduces new systems to makes surfing easier and fun.

In 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin have developed the first search engine for Google. The main purpose of Google is to provide the text publication given by web servers in many different formats, such as images and videos. Google is designed to manage the big files. It was built to manage the use of storage space required for the index. Its data structures were very well improved for fast and efficient access.

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The Google search engine gives the most precise search by taking two important step. First, it uses link structure of the Web to calculate a quality ranking for each web page. This ranking is called PageRank. Second, Google utilizes link to improve search results. Now you may have question that how do PageRank works? It basically assigns a rank or a score to each of the web result. The higher the page’s score, the higher the search result appear. Some people appeal that Google uses a group of their colleagues to evaluate the search returns, but manually sorting the best links is not possible. Hence, Google denies this and says that while it does employ a network of people to test updated search formulas, it doesn’t rely on human beings to sort and rank search results.

Google provides a variety of features to their user for relevancy. First is knowledge panels which splice together the most relevant or basic information related to your search. They include images, detailed information, and category-specific information. If you search for an actor, for example, you’ll find a brief biography, born date, height and upcoming movies. Other is carousel, it gives a series of images with captions related to your search. These images are linked with websites, and selecting one takes you to a new SERP for that specific person, location, or other stuff. The carousel is kept up top by google, so one can navigate through all of the people, places, or things associated with your original search. Third one is product shopping ads they are for people who want to buy something, but are not aware of from where to buy. These ads are image-focused, also have some text. Google uses your specific search and mostly it look like carousel, also include product ratings, Google reviews, and special offers. When people are looking for a specific product, this ad format helps them quickly compare pricing and decide on the best place to buy from. Google uses your current location and google maps to provide relevant information we seeking for. Such kind of feature shows places, reviews, opening hours, and contact information of local businesses, and provides URL respectively. These results completely depend on where the searcher is located, and by clicking anywhere in the local pack will directly take you in google maps.

If someone still having trouble in finding the thing they need to do is advanced search. This will give a person various options to shorten down the research few of them are described below.
• Language-This field allows user to limit their search to a particular language. In addition, google provides 40 different languages to choose from.

• Region-This works as per users’ current location, also mostly the searches will be displayed by the country code which is directed by web servers.

• Last update-This field gives opportunity to access the latest information posted from past 24 hours, past week, past month.

• Site or domain-This field allows you to limit your results to a particular domain or top level domain. For example, to retrieve results from only US government sites, enter .gov.

• Safe Search-This is most prominent filter of Google for which they gradually improving their security. The work for this is to filtering out potentially offensive content. This option allows user to change your browser settings to help eliminate adult content from your search results. It also helps to stay protected from malwares sites.

• File type-This field allows a person to take in particular file, such as PDF, Postscript, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and RTF (rich text format).


• Software gives out different information not based on relevancy, but due to different selection of keywords. Even if it is not much useful then also it gets priority.
• Needed to be precise when selecting any keyword because software uses it in search of index or title for the result, overall it could be evaluating.
• Sometimes one may find inaccurate sources at the top so they needed to spend few more time against their gadgets.

Search engines are important because of innumerable web pages available across the globe, it’s really difficult to find an appropriate web. This is why search engines are used to filter information that is online and transform it into result so that people could get their result within a matter of time.

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