Introduction The National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme


The National Industrial Chemical Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) released a Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) report on Formaldehyde in November 2006 with an aim to evaluate the risk of Formaldehyde in work-related environment to ensure safety of the workers in an occupational setting.

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Formaldehyde is present in the form of environmental as well as Biological sources. It is used extensively in occupational setting in the Resin, Wood, Paper, Garment industries (Harvey, et al, 2015, p-785). Numerous studies show that Formaldehyde is also used for tissue preservation and fixation and embalming where the Medical professionals, pathologists, students and teachers come in contact with formaldehyde through Inhalation. (E Bruno et al, 2018, p-307-13, Michael, Armen, Siegfried, 2016, p 46-52). Irritation to Eyes, skin, nose and throat are known to be the immediate effects of formaldehyde while chronic exposure of formaldehyde has been considered to be carcinogenic (Gerald, Jeffrey, John, 2010, p-313-17). “The International agency for research on cancer (IARC) has classified Formaldehyde as ‘known human carcinogen’ “(E Bruno et al, 2018, p-307-13 as cited in ARC Working Group on the Evaluation of carcinogenic risk in humans, 2006, p1-478).

The NICNAS in synchrony with Australian government of Environment and Health identifies the various health issues pertaining to formaldehyde in various occupational setting and the assessment and regulation of these chemicals on the priority basis.

Issue Identification

• The report is for the Minister of Board of Coopers who are planning to introduce Formaldehyde in their Pressing Wood Industry where there is a manpower of 350 workers.
• Formaldehyde is used as an adhesive in the Pressed wood Industry and its content is highest in newly manufactured pressed wood Industry

• The primary aim of the report is to identify the prima

Hazard Assessment
Issue Hazard
Irritation of eye and nose causing burning, itching or stinging sensations Breathing Formaldehyde
Nasal Cancer Long term exposure of formaldehyde for long periods
Watery eyes, sore throat , blocked sinus , sneezing Fumes from breathing in formaldehyde

Exposure Assessment




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