Introduction nineteen hundreds there were no Canadian

The influx of Canadian television programs in the 1970’s had a great influence in what we watch today. From watching American television shows like “I Love Lucy” in the 1950’s to watching Canadian programs such as “Degrassi”, that still run today.

Canada Before Canadian Content
In today’s society it is not uncommon to see many of your peers, coworkers, or family members watching Canadian based tv shows and movies. However, back in the early nineteen hundreds there were no Canadian films to watch. Prior to the 1990s Canada had U.S. network series on television, but in mid-1990s they were all removed. In 1952 commercial television broadcasting began in Canada. Over the next couple of years, the culture of the United States would tend to influence Canada. In Canada there were many American books, magazines, films, and radio content. Fortunately, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation still aired Canadian news and public affairs programmes. Only until 1965 is when Walter Gordon, a member of the Toronto Business Establishment, took measures to limit foreign ownership of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Between the time since people first started buying televisions to mid-1960’s most films aired were written and produced in the United States.

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