INTRODUCTION support.Community depends on various occupation such as

INTRODUCTIONABOUT UMBC:A Social Innovation launched by CenturionUniversity in collaboration with Govt. of India, Govt. of Odisha andBhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

It is One-stop-center for urbanslum dwellers for providing, Information on training opportunities, Direct business supportor supply chain linkages, Market information and business ideas. A hub forlocal small & medium scale businesses for skilled and semi-skilled labourtrained or mobilized by UMBC. It is located just opposite to Kargil slum. Itis a platform for integrated community development and a small and mediumenterprise for the skill and semi-skilled labour. UMBC conducts survey to knowabout the livelihood of the people since it focuses on building livelihoodopportunities that are aligned with the community by empowering them to beself-employed along with skill programs like driving, sewing machine operator,beauty and wellness, digital learning, etc. to increase the living standard ofthe community.

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UMBC has 14 units such as Child CareCentre, Off-School Support, DigitalLearning, Entrepreneurship Dev. Program, DrivingLearning, Beauty & wellness, Media Printing& Merchandising, Sewing & Stitching, Retailing& Café, Coffee Processing Bakery, Mealson Wheels, Snacks & Spices, Chocolatemaking. ABOUTKARGIL BASTIKargil NagarBasti is located at Bhubaneswar Odisha, Post of Pokhariput, PS AIR Field, Dist.

Khurda, and Pin code- 751020, Ward No. 62. This slum got its existence towardsearly 2000, with some of the construction workers of the Lingaraj viharsettling. Slowly this has grown with more than 10 Streets (Sahis) , 1500 – 2000households with nearing 8000 population. Kargil nagar is the second largest andone of the fast growing slums of Bhubaneswar city.

This slum covers 27 acres ofland. Itis situated within the abandoned stone quarry and directly opposite to UMBC. Itis the second biggest slum in Bhubaneswar with little or no access to basicservices or government support.

Community depends on variousoccupation such as , Daily labour, Mason, Plumper, Driver, Vendor, Business,Carpenter, Tiler and Marble Mason, Electrician, Wielding, Mechanic and Painter.99% of the total population belongs to or believe in Hinduism. The slum has tenstreets or lane such as Pani tanki, Dalei, Mangala, Mahavir, Trinath,Tarini,  Madan Mohan ,Bihari, ShivaMandir, Trinath railway. There are 20 SHG group in the community. The basicamenities available in the community are toilet, electricity connection, LPGgas connection, Pipe water supply.     OBJECTIVE OF UMBC:The mainobjective is to development UMBC into an economically sustainable and viablemodel for existing and new centres, to integrate UMBC into local slumcommunities as a common facility centre, and enhance stakeholder’s dialogues tobe more responsive to community economic needs. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:To study the socio economicstatus of the Kargil Basti Pokhariput Bhubaneswar Odisha.

MEANINGOF SLUM:A slum is a compact settlementwith collection of poorly built tenements, mostly of temporary nature , crowedtogether usually with inadequate sanitary and drinking water facilities inunhygienic condition in that compact area. Area notified as slum by theconcerned state government, Municipalities, Corporation, Local bodies or thedevelopment Authorities are term as notified slum. One of the main reasonbehind the growth of slum is the growth of the population in the wake ofindustrialization in the city. This was due to the migration, concentration ofbetter health and education facilities, better wage rate and multifariouseconomic activities.

Apart from this , intensive cultivation, loss of tenurerights on common land, push the rural people to migrate to intra-state andinter- state location. METHODOLOGY:Duringresearch, interactive participatory approach and general observation techniquewas emphasized upon. Two main sources of data collection (secondary andprimary) were focused upon to ensure that reliable and authentic data andinformation.

 1. DEVELOPED STRUCTURE QUESTIONNAIRE:a.     Information Collection – observation through community visit , Communitylevel –women Group, Youth, Transgender , Children ,Key informant interview –Committee members, secretary , Tutors.b.     Fordevelopment of the questionnaire, the basic idea was discussed with the UMBCconcerned team members .The initial draft was shared with UMBC projectcoordinator. A structure questionnaire was developed for the collection ofprimary data from the field.

The structure questionnaire contains c.      Demographic Information : Population , religion, Marital Status , d.     Facilities in the household ; Structure, Electricity, Water , fuel,toilet, e.      Economic status  : Banking ,Livelihood, Income source , Expenditure, f.

       Social Status : caste  


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