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Introduction Researchers within the field of applied psychology have described ethical leadership to be the demonstration of the correct conduct via individual actions and relationships and the promotion of these conducts to others via a two-way communication, reinforcement, and decision-making. This description highlights three vital aspects of ethical leadership (Barnes, & Doty, 2010). The first is that leaders become acceptable and genuine as ethical role models through engaging in continuous behaviors, which others view to be unselfish and ethically right. The second is that ethical leadership involves directing attention to ethical problems and standards.

The third is that ethical leadership involves establishing ethical command climates, which creates conditions for positive results and ethically correct behaviors and gives negative consequences for behaviors that are not appropriate (Barnes, & Doty, 2010). This paper will focus on ethical leadership based on a scenario. Exemplary ethical conduct by Dan AmosStrong leaders portray sound ethical conduct.

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Character, integrity, and faith are at the center of Dan Amos, CEO of Aflac ethical traits. Dan Amos firm was recently listed in Fortune’s Most Admired firms, 100 Best organization to Work in ; The globe’s Most Ethical firm. These are soft measures that take cognizance of the ethical character of Amos, integrity and faith for which he is well known for. His principle in life is to treat other people in the manner in, which we would like to be treated, not the manner in, which we want to be treated.


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