INTRODUCTION has their natural resources, such as oil,

INTRODUCTIONRepublic of Indonesia is located at Southeast Asia. Indonesia is a unique country, because their population is extraordinary, roughly almost 2.6 billion living in the country.

When talking about their land area, Indonesia is the 14th largest country in the world and when we combine sea and land area, it become the 7th largest country. Indonesia also is a Muslim country, majority 8.72% of their citizens are Muslims.

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Indonesia has 34 states, and Indonesia’s famous capital is Jakarta. Indonesia have special subdivisions, and they have 4 subdivisions. The first level is their states which is led by a governor, second level is regency and city, their level is same, but regency is led by “bupati” which means regent and the city is led by “wali kota” which means mayor. Then, the third level are their regency and city will be divided into “kecamatan” which means sub-district led by civil servant and district headed by district chief, but district only used by Papua, the rest of the states will be using sub-district. Then the last level, sub-district and district will be divided “desa” which means village or “kelurahan” which means urban communities. Indonesia also has their natural resources, such as oil, gas, copper and gold. About Indonesia agriculture, they produce rice, palm oil, tea, coffee and rubber. Indonesia trade their goods with China, United States, Japan, Singapore and India.

I choose “PT Indofood Sukses Makmur TBK” company. The founder of Indofood is Sudono Salim. Indofood is the biggest Indonesian company that participate in food industry. It produces package food products such as noodles, snacks, spices for seasoning, and biscuits.

In conclusion, the sector for Indofood is food and beverages.Factors of ProductionCapital Capital is the things that we used to produce goods and services such as equipment, machines and building, when talked about capital, it also not about money only. For example, Indofood produces a variety of packaging for their food and other products as well. Their department which is ICBP’s Packaging Division are very creative to find the best packaging to attract their customers.

They used modern high technology, including their machines. They must ensure that their packaging will give the best expectation for their customers and to let customers think that their product has a really good value.EntrepreneurEntrepreneur is the person who improves on ways to use resources and create or produces new ones. The entrepreneur of Indofood is Sudono Salim. Sudono Salim is an Indonesia Chinese businessman. He is the richest person in Indonesia.

He developed a lot of company, factory, including the Indofood itself. He established Indofood in 1990, and the famous products of Indofood that time was only noodles. Sudono Salim try to get their licensing fees for the use of their products branding. Later then, they become Salim Group because Sudono Salim’s brother become the CEO of Indofood, it can said, the company is managed by the siblings. They really utilize the resources that they have, they find their land to build their business in Indonesia then expand it to so many countries including Malaysia. They think critically how to get their company getting known by the people, spent their capital to create their products with their own brand.

Their noodles, is getting higher demand in millions by their customers.


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