Introduction By the change of food items,

IntroductionBy the change of food items, production is becoming more competitive to keep with changing time and its demands.

Modern system of production of marketable food materials has set in with the advancement of economic, social, cultural and agricultural institutions. But it fosters the firm conviction and advances certain high standards quite special with it. Side by side with other competitors in the area of commodity product, Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. has set its foot in the field in Corporate Social Responsibility for Customer Satisfaction. Corporate Social Responsibility’ or CSR for short is a somewhat new term that has rapidly gained momentum.

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Hundreds, indeed thousands of companies are adopting ‘ethical policies’ or ‘codes of conduct’ saying how they intend to behave. Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. is operating its business activities for maximizing profit and creating social welfare to make customer satisfaction.The products as well as a company’s survival or success depend on the customer satisfaction that comes from social responsibility the organization does. Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd offers such types of corporate social responsibility for which supply of product is must to hold customers. Otherwise, consumers will buy another brand which will be available to them. So making customer satisfaction through social responsibility is one of the most important pre-conditions for the success in this area of business.

And corporate social responsibility is also a mandatory part of business ethics and law.This report shows the Corporate Social Responsibility of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. and the Customer Satisfaction of the lifetime value. Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. is a small, family based business organization. Meeting consumers’ needs in a satisfactory and efficient way and doing social work is the key to success of this organization.Origin of the ReportThe real purpose behind doing this internship program is to get myself accustomed with the changes and making myself ready to enter the real corporate world in future. Internship program gives me a corporate orientation.

In academic life of BBA, I have acquired theoretical knowledge. But I don’t see the practical implication of this knowledge in academic life. As BBA is a graduation program, many of our students will enter into job field after completing BBA. So I need to be fully prepared for the corporate life. It is better that before entering into job field, I have a good practical knowledge first. This report is a mandatory for the completion of BBA and it carries three credits as well.During the period of my internship, I am adjusting and applying my theoretical knowledge with my practical experience. To contribute in the organizational success, each and every member of an organization need to know what responsibilities and activities are performed in several stage of organizational structure from top management level to the operational level or field level.

As per the requirements, this report includes information mostly on the entire recruitment and selection process, information regarding the organization, how it works.Objective of the study The main objective of this research is to find out overall impact of CSR on Amrita Consumer Food Products Limited. This report is prepared based on two core objectives as well where the primary objectives represent “the need of analyzing all the information collecting them for the study for the learning of the recruitment” and “selection process” of Amrita Consumer Food Products Limited. Specifically the major objectives of the study could be pointed out as:Provide pros & cons about the CSR activities of Amrita Consumer Food Products limited and compare it with the competitors.To conceptualize the CSR concept of a multinational company.Provide recommendation the corrective majors for the improvement of CSR performing by Amrita Consumer Food Product Limited.To focus the overall CSR position and customer satisfaction.

Methodology of the ReportIn this entire report, a systematic procedure as in a systematic method has been followed to complete the report. I have prepared this report mainly based on my observation and experience of completing internship program in Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. I have worked on the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. to see the Customer Satisfaction.I follow the qualitative research process for collecting data and it has no statistical data. The report has two major parts: a) Data collection procedure b) Data processing & AnalysisFirstly, in case of the selection of the topic, I discussed it with my honorable supervisor and finally selected the topic Recruitment and selection process of Amrita Consumer Food Products Limited since I was mostly involved with this sector in the organization for these three months.

In order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information have been used widely. Then, the sources of data were both primary and secondary data selected for the report. Primary data was collected bySharing practical knowledge of officials.I have discussed with officials about the marketing activities of ACFPL.On the other hand secondary data was collected mainly fromStudy related books and journalsPeriodicals Published by the company and internet site. ?Collected information have then processed & compiled with the aid of MS Word & other related computer software.

Necessary tables have been prepared on the basis of collected data and various statistical techniques have been applied to analyses on the basis of classified information. Detail explanation and analysis have also been incorporated in the report.Limitations of the ReportPreparing report is an essential part of internship but to get information for preparing the report there were some limitations. Since we all know every organization has their own policy and terms, they do not want to reveal their own data.

It was quite tough to gather information as some seemed unwilling to provide the information and give effective feedback as well. Due to time limitation, many of the aspects could not be discussed in the present report. The length of the organization is small. That’s why I was not recognized as an employee and thus could not take part in many jobs.

As I had to perform different other works simultaneously, so sometimes it was bit distorting to concentrate fully on report. As it is a family based and regional oriented and it does not work for all over the country, it’s information are not available that creates problem in preparing the report.History of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd.Considering the present world, Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd.

is the most popular and well known for south of Bangladesh. It was founded in 1948 in Barisal, the Venice of Bengal, by the great philanthropist Amrita Lal Dey. The organization was introduced from a tiny personal initiative to its present day grand status and reputation due to the honesty, sincerity, integrity and devotion of the founder.

The initiative for the company was taken by the great patron and one of the country’s biggest charity donors Amrita Lal Dey.In 1988 Amrita Oil ; Food Products set sail as a sister concern and began its journey along the path of food items production which received well responses from the customers. Production of international standard and quality food products like powdered spices, mixed spices, noodles, vermicelli, snacks etc. saw the light of the day with particularity in terms of taste, flavor and texture.

Side by side with expanding local market the company is looking for space in the foreign market which would enable earning of hard foreign currency that might contribute to the advancement of the national economy and also enhance employment opportunities. The ultimate goals of our company: Continue the production and marketing of hygienic and quality food at minimum price.Finding out the needs of consumers’ and provide them with the products the aspire after. Explore new segments of internal market and place products in the international market. Maintaining the goodwill of the company by serving intrinsic quality of hygienic food products with authentic taste is main concern. Carrying on efforts to expand market globally and set up distribution network so as to make products available at doorsteps of customers.The Company believes that the consumers do always have the right to expect safer as well as tasty foods.

It is, therefore, trying to provide them with quality foods in keeping with everyday changing tastes. The initiative for that was taken by the great patron and one of the country’s biggest charity donors Amrita Lal Dey. With due respect to him the Company is going to launch Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. under Amrita Oil ; Food Products at Amrita Lal Dey Road, Barisal.

The Company deems to make it clear in unambiguous terms that its firm commitment was, is and shall be to walk with the ever changing tastes and aspirations of the consumers and it shall spare no pains to satisfy them with innovative and unadulterated food materials. The Company is aware of customers’ health & hygiene and hope that all its efforts taken in view of its everlasting attitude towards customers’ welfare shall go a long way to maintain and enhance its gloryNow it stands as one of the famous enterprises of the country employing a large work force and drawing much of good will from the common masses while contributing a lot to the economic development of the land.At a Glance “Amrita Consumer Food Products Limited”Name of the Company : Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd.CEO ; Managing Director : Mr.

Bijoy Krishna DeyMotto : Work is VirtueLegal Status : Private Limited CompanyRegistered Office : 9/1, A.C. Roy Road Armanitola, Dhaka-1100Barisal office : 119, Amrita Lal Dey Road (Hospital Road) Barisa-8200, BangladeshPhone Number : 880-2-7372213, 880431-64285, 2173338Fax : 880-2-7313833, 880-431-64510E-mail : [email protected] : www.amritagroup.

com Vision, Mission and SloganFor the company’s profit as well as it’s lifetime success the company first state mission, vision, and well defined slogan. Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. is a small and family based business organization.

They don’t have so well defined vision or mission. Nevertheless after discussing with the managerial body it seems that the following statement can be said as the vision and another statement can be said as the mission of Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. Vision”Maintaining the goodwill of the company by serving intrinsic quality of hygienic food products with authentic taste at reasonable price” Missions”Continue the production and marketing of hygienic and quality food at minimum price.””Finding out the needs of consumers’ and provide them with the products they hope after.””Explore new segments of internal market and place products in the international market.””Carrying on efforts to expand market globally and set up distribution network so as to make products available at doorsteps of customers.

“Slogan of the CompanyThe slogan of total Amrita group is “Work Is Virtue.” This slogan is promoted mostThe slogan of only Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd. is “Taste of Bangladesh”MAN POWER DISTRIDUTIONThe Management Hierarchy:ChairmanManaging DirectorDeputy Managing DirectorDeputy Managing DirectorThe other Management Authority:Purchase DepartmentManufacturing DepartmentAccounts DepartmentDistribution DepartmentMarketing and Sales Operation DepartmentSWOT analysis of ACFPL:As we know every organization starting its operation has got some strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well. I have worked in the organization for these three months, according to my observation these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are described below:Strengths:The strengths of this organization mainly include:Excellence products at a reasonable price and certified.High customer satisfaction regarding the products.Very skilled employee pool and strong HR section.

Fair practices of all the policies.Excellent cooperation within the sectors.Reasonable salary policy along with excellent fringe benefits.Weaknesses:There are few weaknesses.

These are:Fewer training and development facilities for the employees.Smaller quantity modern equipments and researchers compared to other multinationals.More dependency on hard copies as a part of HR chores.Wavering in financial condition and other growth sectors.A smaller amount space for an organized working environment.Opportunities:It has much opportunity for conducting business in Bangladesh such as:Lower labor cost in Bangladesh hence more chances to spread subsidiaries.Its future opportunities are huge if the human resource is used properly.The number of potential sectors to work on the food and beverage ground of Bangladesh in future.Amrita is already established brand name will give it chances to flourish in other new sectors too if introduced.Threats:There are few threats as well such as:The changing needs and preferences of the customers with time.High cost of using latest technologies and equipments of production.Compete with the other companies already spreading its business in foreign countries while exporting their prod.The increasing number of possible rivals.


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