Introduction Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muizzaddin

Introduction Among the signs of an intoxicated leader is being cunning by setting up plans or strategies for selfish reasons such as cronyism and nepotism, and for the strengthening of position and power. In the end this does not bring any benefit but actually causes losses to the government because well intentioned programmes are delayed or postponed.

said His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muizzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Saadul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. A leader whose given a trustworthy in running an organisation should not bias or prioritise their siblings or relatives in giving a better position for the purpose of strengthening and widen their crafty power. These will not give any profit to the government but can causes loss and more problems to the government. As one of the Royal Brunei Navy officer, my leadership was really tested when my name was listed and stated to be as Second In Command of Quartermaster RBN.

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At that time, I was in Hawaii, United States of America attached on board ship KDB Darulaman as Supply Officer due to RBN participated in the Rim of Pacific Exercise 2014. Where as the beginning of my profession as logistics officer started. In relation to that, I will briefly telling my profession as RBAF officer for eight years service. I join the Officer Cadet School in Defence Academy at Kampong Sungai Akar in 2010 and commission as Lieutenant in 29th July 2011. Soon after that, I was posted as Officer Under Training on board ship KDB Ijhtihad. My profession onboard ship did not goes well and coercively change my profession as Staff Officer Grade 3 of Personnel and Administration RBN in late 2012. My Staff Officer Grade 2 of Personnel and Administration trained myself indirectly very well and I can feel the spirit. In May 2014, I was attached onboard KDB Darulaman as Supply Officer for three months due to RBN participated in RIMPAC 2014.

In late August 2014 I was posted as Second In Command of Quartermaster RBN. Then in January 2018 I was posted as Second In Command of Logistics RBN that is my current position. This essay will elaborate more on my profession as Second In Charge of Quartermaster RBN and will explain how I applied my leadership to run the department and to handle subordinates.

In addition, I will explain my leadership skills when assigned to do secondary tasks while holding my position. At the end, this essay will analyse the type of leadership skills that I applied to my main job and secondary tasks. Second In Command of Quartermaster RBN At the beginning for the first three months, I have chance to learn from the Officer in Command of Quartermaster RBN in running the department. In addition, to learn and know the responsibilities of QM RBN in supplying logistics matter is more challenging because I have no logistics background. In order to enhance my knowledge in all logistics matters handle by QM RBN, I approach and learnt from subject master expert from every In Charge Stores.

Three months later I need to hold appointment as Acting Officer In Command due to retiring of Officer In Command. That is the first time I am handling a department with twenty four military personals and eleven civilians. I have fully use the first three months opportunity to get to know each other to strengthen the value of friendship and caring in accepting myself in their community. Visionary and Democratic Leadership For the first time having subordinates fully under my control has encourage me to be a visionary leader with an innovative plans towards a successful and discipline organisation. I deliver all my imaginary plans to be productive department in the RBN.

For example, I ask them to do morning parade everyday before 0730H, which they did not apply it before. They did not give any reaction and seems like they are thinking something or the way I approach is wrong. As a new officer with the lack of experience in logistic issues and to handle subordinate maybe still hard for them to accept. Hence, I am just four years in service and maybe they think Im unreliable officer to support them in their career and running the department.

I realise that my first approach to lead them did not goes well and they are not ready to accept any changes yet. Soon after that I gather all In Charge personnel in every stores including new appointed Regiment Quartermaster Stores since previous RQMS has retired. In this session, I applied a democratic leadership by asking them what they are concern about and how they want the department to be organise. They come with various opinions and comments how they want the department to be organise and express their welfare especially promotion ranks. Hereby, the value of empathy and piety play important roles for a leader by giving tolerance to the subordinates.

Hence, the routine morning parade will just be conducted every Monday before 0730 hrs instead of everyday followed by recital of Surah Yassin. This suggestion comes from the subordinates and agreed by myself with the consideration of certain circumstances and necessities. On the other hand, through this approach they start to accept and believe on me to make any changes to the department. Other than that, morning run routine and afternoon sport every Wednesday is well organise by them without interfere. Transformational and Coaching Leadership In conjunction of that, democratic leadership approach is helpful for me to apply other leadership skills.

Transformational and coaching leadership that I applied to face subordinates was efficient especially when our subordinates come to us to talk about their main job. For example, when new appointed RQMS told me that he is not ready and not suitable with his new appointment due to the main responsibilities in helping Officer In Command to run the department. Meanwhile on another day, In Charge of Ration Store also came and told me that he is not confident with his current position due to the high responsibilities in keeping ration account safe and correct.

As a trustworthy leader, I ask them several questions that relate to their main job and help them to recall how they manage to learn and handle their job effectively. Beside that, by giving motivation and guide them to be a better one makes them feel more confortable and confident. The level of leader caring goes well beyond an interest in assisting them in performing their duties. Followers must believe that their leaders care about them as people and are interested in their personal as well as professional development. This includes leaders caring about, being interested in and taking actions to promote the welfare of group member families. Leader are genuinely concerned about their followers are more likely to be loyal, which includes looking out stand by and support them when they are vulnerable.

Based on the text, being a leader must be able to convince their subordinates to get the trust. It is important for subordinates to believe that their leader able to assist them when ever they have problems. A leader must look after their subordinates welfare and professional development because that is their main concern. This approach being practice to handle subordinates and it is proven development of my subordinates as their welfare being concerned. Coercive Leadership Although, the involvement of subordinates in giving opinions is more effective but other leadership skills still needed depends on the situation.

Some orders might need coercive leadership when received orders from higher senior officer of commander. For example, in 2017, Quartermaster RBN was assigned by Deputy Commander Navy to decorate a stage for His Majesty during Royal Brunei Armed Forces 56th celebration. As a leader that responsible for the task, I have to plan everything and my subordinates just follow my orders without any objections. There is no room for my subordinates to give any opinion. At this situation, discipline and commitment from my subordinates play important roles. The task was completely done as expected and coercive leadership prove it effective. Although the plans effective but does not mean Quartermaster subordinates confortable and able to take it positively.

A leader must know when to apply certain leadership styles depending on situation. Laissez-faire Leadership Laissez-faire leadership gives authority to employees. According to azcentral, departments or subordinates are allowed to work as they choose with minimal or no interference.

According to research, this kind of leadership has been consistently found to be the least satisfying and least effective management style. Being a leader to try different styles of leadership giving opportunities to experience and to assess which leadership styles is most suitable in a certain situation. Another leadership that I had tried is to let my subordinates do the task that I have given within a month and ended with nothing.

For example, I ask my men to make a label dangerous zone around the Petrol Oil Lubricant area. Then the next two days a dangerous zone design created. Unfortunately I did not see the label attached around the mention area within a month. As I realise it does not working then I give guidance to ease his task. This style of leadership shows that it is less effective depends on the personnel ability, commitment and intellectual. The task given must be possible to be done and align with the personnel ability.

Analysis on my leadership By experiencing various leadership skills can differentiate which leadership skill is effective and suit with subordinates nowadays. Leadership skills that mentioned in this essay can be applied depends on the situations and considering possible circumstances. Some leadership skills might be ease and confortable for subordinates to follow but there are also leadership skills that are unhealthy and ruin subordinates morale. Based on my experience, leadership skills applied depending on the situation and needs but leadership skills can be combine to get an effective outcome. Most of the time I prefer to apply democratic leadership because there are two ways of communication between a leader and subordinates. Beside that, democratic leadership also can avoid biasness among subordinates in the organisation. Subordinates can give opinions and ideas to the leader that can avoid leader being biasness by asking and accepting from one person only as mention by His Majesty. Conclusion As mention by His Majesty, a leader that given a trustworthy in running an organisation should not bias for the purpose of strengthening and widen their crafty power.

If the position misused then will not give any profit to the government but can causes loss and more problems to the government. In relation to that, I mention different skills of leadership depend on the situation. Visionary leadership that I applied did not working very well due to wrong approach and turned to the democratic leadership that more acceptable. Democratic leadership, basically help me to apply transformational and coaching leadership that also plays important role in helping subordinates to gain their confident and working development. Other than that, coercive leadership also can be applied in a certain situation especially when given an important task that need to be done promptly. Subordinates will just follow the orders and did not have chance to give any opinion. Lastly, laissez-faire leadership from my experience did not working well and less effective depends on the personnel ability, commitment and intellectual. The task given must be possible to be done and align with the personnel ability.

To simplify, any leadership skills can be apply depends on the situation. A leader plays important role to choose and apply the right leadership skills. References A. Patrick J. Sweeney, Michael D.

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