Introduction in 1993 ,he & two others

IntroductionAbout his lifeWiny Maas is a Dutch Architect,born in 1958 in Netherland.

Today he is famous as a landscape architect,an urbanist & a professor.After completing studies in 1993 ,he & two others named Jacob & Nathali formed a company named “MVRDV”.Through this company many world famous creations have been gifted to the world. He is also a clever writer. However all his books are based on architecture.

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These are few books • The Green Dream• Visionary Cities• The Vertical VillageEducationWiny Maas graduated from the Delft university of Technology in 1990 as a landscape architect. He also obtained many other degrees related to the field of architecture. After completing studies he serves as an Architecture & Urban design professor at Delft university of technology,Ohio State university & yale university.Professor Winy Maas of Schindel, ,Netherlands founded the firm MVRDV & two people named Nathali & Jacob contributed in a big way .This is an Architecture & Urban planning firm. Building plans are designed using the latest technology.His worksHe did lots of world famous buildings….

These are few buildings from his amazing work. SHOPPING CENTER(Europe)This shopping center with an area 166,000 squre meters is situated in Europe. This was constructed in 1975 & MVRDV has only made changes in the interior.MARKET HALL(Building in Rotterdam,Netherlands)• Height: 40m• Top floor: 37mMarket hall is a residential & office building. It is 40m in hight & top floor is 37m.It is a place that consumers visit in order to buy foodstuff for daily consumption. There are shops & apartments in this building & it has been designed with connection to the neighborhood.

EFFENAAR(Building in Eindhoven,Netherland)This building is situated in Eindhoven , Netherlands & has been designed by the firm MVRDV. The building has been designed with connection to the central performance space, Park & City context. There are two music halls. One has capacity for audience of 1200 & a smaller one has capacity for audience of 350.This building is used for matters dealing with music.SEOULLO 7017(Building in Highway)• Operating Hours : 24 hrs• Maximum Occupancy : 5,000 peopleThis building is open 24 hours of the day,& it is maximum occupancy is 5000 people. Information centers,cafes,gardens & stages can be seen in this building. It can be used as a place of leisure & enjoyment on every day of the year.

Awards2015• Award for Market Hall design,Rottredam• Urban Project Award for Market Hall• ESPA Standard Award for Market Hall,car park design2016• Danish Lighting Award for Rangnarock , UK• Glass Innovation Award for Crystal House desing ,Amaterdam.2017• Asia Awards – Silver award for DFA design• Prime Property Prize ?ConclusionWiny Maas is a Dutch architect,landscape architect,professor and urbanist..He is a world famous architect.

His designs have been erected all over the world and are being erected even now.His concepts are original and after establishing his own MVRDV company ,it was very easy for him to continue with his work.In 1993 togeather with ” Jacob Van Rijs” and “Nathalie De Vries” he set up MVRDV. His creations are widely seen in Japan,Spain,Netherland ……etc.These designs are original in concept.He is a world famous writer and lecturer too.Finally,I have to say that I view him as one who has used his extraordinary talents to gift original concepts and designs to the world.?


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