Introduction The organization structure of Apple with its

Introduction : The company chosen that is select for this assignment is the famous digital products manufacturing company ‘Apple Inc ‘as information systems in an information technology-based company would be curiously and profoundly critical to see into it. The company contains a worldwide presence with manufacturing, assembling, retailing, supply chain management, being the center activities of the company along with the imperative component of research and improvement which is the key differentiator for the company in terms of being the leader in the industry in relation to development. Hence, Management Information Systems can be portrayed as the key differentiators which are influencing the way companies are differentiating their products and benefit.Information Systems in Apple Inc : The organization structure of Apple with its worldwide presence and different spaces within the electronics industry would require a system of information dissemination which empowers accessibility of right data to the correct individuals and at the correct time, to guarantee that the business choices attempted by them are consistent and supported with the suitable accessibility of information. How Apple use information system that is used by the company to managing this mammoth task of information management.

Apple’s major objective has continuously been to be the innovation leader. The same reasoning extends even to the way in which they manage their internal communications which exhibit their prevalence. In agreement with this concept, they have most of the forms which are virtualized, as the company accepts that virtualization is the factor which is able to provide the company with a competitive advantage within the commercial center in future. Apple’s intranet gives the desired stage for undertaking this process and this intranet within the company empowers the representatives to get to all required data from the consolation of their desktop. From an external linkage point of seeing the company has an extranet which empowers the company to connect with the key suppliers and developers of Mac-based applications. For exempla, the information from the retail stores is contend to the customer service department which already has access to other information about supplier and the production details.

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It is may affect the biggest business processes of the companies because the important management and decisions making are taken on the basis of the information system. Which is may build better relations with the customers and stakeholders, that is increase the growth and profitability of the company.


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