Introduction: For some people “green technology” was

Introduction: Green technology is an energy type that some groups in the United States are striving to fully implement into our society. There are also some groups very opposed to green technology. Each group has many reasons why they are for or against green technology.

Green technology is technology used to reverse the negative effects humans have on the environment by alternative energy. There are many different types of green energy forms, some forms are Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydroelectric energy, Landfill gas, and Biomass fuel. For some people “green technology” was a topic that came to them in the last few years but it has been around for a while. Green Technology advocates will say that the benefits from using this energy makes you money from the costs, opponents will say that fossil fuels are well established and can provide energy at lower costs than renewable energy. History Paragraph: Green technology came across many people’s minds during waves throughout the last 40 years.

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“The 1970s saw a burst of meaningful research into wind, solar and other alternatives, all motivated by the sudden spike in energy costs and the dawning realization of the environmental crisis”(Walsh). This research was stopped when Reagan took office and the oil prices dropped. During the last ten years more people took it as an initiative among themselves to “go green” and either get solar panels installed on there house or got an electric car. Society’s perception of energy is derived by “cheap” and “accessible”. Fossil fuels make up 80 percent of our energy now, while green energy makes up 20 percent.First body paragraph “pro green technology”:


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