Introduction: anything. Chapter three and four is about

Introduction:Pedagogy of the oppressed was written in 1968 by Paulo Freire an educator by profession he was born in Brazil his main area was education and he worked with poor communities in Brazil and Latin America.Padagogy of the oppressed was first published in Portuguese and later on translated to English. the book is divided in to four chapters chapter one focus on the oppressors are dehumanized by the oppressed and the different ways in which they become deeply involved in the situation that they think it’s normal and that’s how life is supposed to be without critically thinking and analyzing why are things happening around them in that way.

In chapter two Paulo scrutinized the banking system of education as tool used by the oppressor who is the master the students who don’t know anything.Chapter three and four is about dialogue and its importance to the oppressed as well as the different ant dialogical theories used by the oppressed to impose their agendaChapter one: Paulo starts by defining the oppressed as an abstract category and sees them as persons who are deprived of their voices and cheated in the sale of their labor he added that the oppressed are the ones who understand their situation better than anyone else as well as the struggle for freedom. However the oppressors themselves become afraid for the struggle liberation is a struggle and the oppressed cannot get liberation for free it’s a sacrifice that the oppressors have to unite and work to achieve it through dialogical method, however during for the struggle liberation the oppressed are faced with many challenges they become afraid to struggle for their freedom because they have adopted and duplicated the strategies of the oppressors about themselves and communities and they tend to believe that that’s how life is because they don’t know when you’re out of oppressed how does it fells, and so they become and so they are scared of new role that comes with an independence state. furthermore he added that oppression leads to dehumanization of the oppressed and consequently they become mistreated in these process they don’t think critically because they are benefiting from that situation however the only way they can reason is when the take themselves out of such position this is when they would start to think critically and start questioning to know and understand why are things happening this way and what could be the causes Chapter two: This chapter Paulo examines the banking system of the education and discloses its importance to the oppressors as a method of decreasing students trust. in this method of education the teacher is considered the depositors who believes that he knows everything whist the student listen attentively and memories without analyzing and questioning what is being thought Paulo said education is sick and is suffering from narration education is not about listening but a process of understanding and sharing of knowledge where students develop critical consciousness. Paulo believes that problem-posing education and dialogue gives both the student and teacher the chance to learn from each other and becomes effective and efficient citizen.

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the author further analyses this system as a way where student don’t become transformers of the world but rather fully accept submissive role imposed negate 4-1 cultural invasion: Freire talks of cultural invasion as one of the anitidialogical action and he further said that invades penetrates cultural contexts of another group they impose their own views of the world upon those they invade and prevent the creativeness of the people invaded this is exactly what is happening in Uganda heath system in relation to the donor funding and support verses ministry of health priorities the oppressed need a lot of work to fight and oppressive to fight a system which they live in lack of incentives to health workers working in the field.


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