Introduction. lead to a difficulty for an autistic


Thesis statement: some people think working with autism is a hard thing to do due to the incapability of working full-time and doing physical tasks and also they can’t interact socially while others think that they have hidden potentials , also they are very skilled in particular areas.some people think that Working with autism is hard physically .Most autistic adults can’t commit to full-time jobs. They get tired quickly and lose attention also quickly.Only 6% of autistic adults can work full-time jobs .They can’t do physical tasks.Autism affect their ability to do physical work .According to the article ” can I continue working with autism ?” the social security administration says autism limits the kinds of interests of an autistic person and can lead to a difficulty for an autistic person to do work if it isn’t in his narrow interests .

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They also think that Working with autism is hard mentally. Mainly it affects their ability to socially interact .They can’t interact or communicate with other people .

According to the article ” can I continue working with autism ?” people who suffer from classic autism or more severe form of autism can’t work in jobs that requires any interaction with people .They face periods of decompression.They are periods of high stress which they behave socially inappropriate and sometimes violently in.According to the article “can I continue working with autism ?” some autistic people are unable to adapt in work environments due to the decompression periods.On the other hand some think that autistic people can work due to this physical reasons.They have hidden potentials.This potentials are recognizing patterns , logical reasoning and finding irregularities in data and arguments .

According to the article ” the hidden potentials of autistic kids” Dr. soulieres said that there was an autistic woman who worked with her in lab who can find the slightest flaws in logic where they’d argue with her at first but at the end she’s always right.They are very skilled in particular areas .

Some have many skills in music, science and art and in every field in life.Mozart was said to have suffered from Asperger’s syndrome which is a type of autism but we can’t deny that he was a genius in the music field.And they think there’s also Mental reasons why an autistic can work .Some of them are high-functioning and there’s benefits to this .

The high-functioning of them can adjust to work environments and they can work full-time jobs. According to raven test in the article “the hidden potentials of autistic kids” the autistic people who were considered low-functioning are actually high-functioning that was proved using different intelligence tests like raven.Some are falsely considered as mentally retarded .Statistics showed that from 70% to 80% are mentally retarded but that’s not true .According to the article “the hidden potentials of autistic kids” Meredeth edelson a researcher at Willamette university searched for the source of this statistics and she didn’t find anything conclusive.Conclusion .


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