Intervention/program a result of a crash, others

Intervention/program proposalPropose of this program to educatepeople about dangers of speed driving and prevent injuries during the driving.

Target populations are all young males and females age 17-24 years drive a carin Saudi Arabia, I choose this population because they like to speed and driftand its most cause of die among young Saudi men. Driving in Saudi Arabia isexciting for some and frustrating for others. Also, they need entertainment,adventure, excitement and enforce them to follow role and regulation.Driver Intervention Program The program takes almost 1 hourand is usually held one day on weekday evenings. People who are obsesseddriving at high speed are threatened to take his/her license.1- Who must attend the Program? Drivers aged 17-24 years who havebroken the conditions of their Saudi Arabia Learner’s Provisional License andhas been subsequently disqualified from driving. The conditions state thatdrivers must not: exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 km/h or drivewithout License on the vehicle. Moreover, drivers must carry their licensewhile driving.

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  A maximum speed limit of80 km/h applies to learners and 100 km/h to provisional drivers. Even if adriver successfully appeals against their punishment of licensedisqualification, they must still attend the program. 2- Program plan  The program involves interactivesmall group discussions led by two organizers. These have been recruited from awide variety of fields and are not necessarily road safety specialists. Theyinclude people with a permanent disability as a result of a crash, others withan interest in road safety, and police officers. The maximum number ofoffending drivers attending each session is restricted to 12.

During themajority of the session, the group is divided into two smaller groups so thateach organizer has no more than 6 participants in a group. Rather than havingauthority figures lecture young drivers on road safety, the strategy behindthis program is for young drivers to find their own need for attitudinal orbehavioral changes and draw their own conclusions as to how they might change.It is believed that the process of placing young driver decisions underpersonal control will make them more motivated for attitudinal or behavioralchange. This strategy is also intended to enhance the young driverself-efficacy, that is, to perceive they have the opportunity and resources toperform the behavior.

This perception is thought to facilitate behavioralchange. In order to achieve these intended outcomes, the organizer’s role is toencourage participants to express their views and discuss road safety issues ina ‘friendly, supportive and non-threatening environment’. Organizers aredirected to guide debate on the issues within the structured program but notimpose their own beliefs and values or patronize participants. Participants areencouraged to conceptualize issues through their own experiences and frame ofreference so that they question their own driving behavior and consider the riskand consequences of crashing. To encourage open discussion and debate,participants are reassured that all conversations within the program remainconfidential to the group present. 3- Program content The main aim of this program is toreduce young driver crash involvement by challenging young drivers to thinkabout the potential risk and consequences of crashes and question their ownsense of strength. I choose the Social Cognitive Theory for thisprogram. 1.

    Reciprocaldeterminism: Encourage participants to expresstheir views and discuss road safety issues in a ‘friendly, supportive andnon-threatening environment’. Organizers are directed to guide debate on theissues within the structured program but not impose their own beliefs andvalues or patronize participants. 2.    Behavioralcapability: The fact that young drivers areover-represented in crashes is presented to participants using several graphsdepicting crash statistics. Participants must then identify why they thinkyoung drivers are over represented in crashes and discuss the causes of youngdriver crashes. 3.

    Expectations: The social norms and rationalisations for certainbehaviors leading to young driver crashes are debated. Speeding behaviour isusually discussed and when time permits, fatigue and/or inexperience. Issuesexplored include the context in which the behaviour is perceived to be safeand, alternatively, dangerous; the influence of peers; and the potentialstrategies to avoid engaging in the behaviour. 4.    Self-efficacy: Crash Damages Drivers must be aware about the crashconsequences and drive carefully.

They have to think about their family andpersonal loss as well.5.    Observationallearning: Prior to the commencement of theDriver Intervention Program session, participants are asked to rate their skillas a driver.

In the final section of the program, the results from theself-assessment of driving ability are discussed, while reinforcing that youngdrivers are not invulnerable to crash involvement. 6.    Reinforcements: As kind of motivation and support, we may embrace thosepeople who have these type of passion and drive talent and dew their attentionto practice it and improve their skills in a safe and equipped place as Reem& Dirab Racetrack. I believe if we take it as a serious business and investin those talents, one day we may come out with a number of champions rallydrivers.  The strategy for this program isnot to lecture young drivers but to encourage them to voluntarily change theirattitudes or behaviors.

“It is not the role of the organizer to describe rightfrom wrong or appropriate from inappropriate. Likewise, issues relatingdirectly to road safety initiatives and programs should be treated in a neutralmanner. Remember, the aim of the program is to encourage young drivers to confrontthe potential reality and consequences of the crash and to have them questiontheir own risk-taking and sense of strength.”


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