INTERNSHIP Sincerely yours, LAMIA AKTER General Banking Activity

General Banking Activity and Customer Relationship
Al-Arafah Bank Limited

Letter of Transmittal
Date: 04 -07 -2018
MD Shariful Alam
Associate Professor
School of Business and Economics
United International University
Subject: Submission of Internship report on General Banking Activity and Customer Relationship Of Al-Arafah Bank Limited
Dear Sir,
With due respect I would like to say that it was a privilege and great pleasure for me to submit my internship report titled “General Banking Activity and Customer Relationship Of Al-Arafah Bank Limited” which has been prepared as a part of my BBA program requirement.

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During the preparation of the report, I have tried my level best to make it rich covering the all concerning matters. I believe the report will at least give you a brief picture about the topic which will also showcase that I have acquired the valuable experiences through this internship under your astute supervision.

Thank you for encouraging me for working on this interesting topic. Kindly accept my report and oblige thereby.


Sincerely yours,

General Banking Activity and Customer Relationship
Al-Arafah Bank Limited
Submitted To:
Md. Shariful Alam, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Business & Economics
United International University
Submitted By:
Lamia Akter
ID: 111 131 438
Program: BBA
Date of Submission: 4th July, 2018

Fast of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah for giving me the composure to complete my BBA program and prepare this report.

The internship opportunity I had with Al-Arafa Islami Bank was a great chance for learning how a corporate bank worked. Therefore, I consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. Beside that I am also get a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period. My heartfelt thanks go to all the officials of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited who were involved into my report. Firstly, would like to thank the A.K.M. Touhidur Mia (2nd officer) for allowing me to do my internship in his branch. I especially like to thank Monir Choudhury (officer), Aminul Islam(officer), Zarin Islam Ziniya (Executive officer), and Md. Maruf islam (officer) for providing me support and courage throughout my Internship program and helping me to accumulate necessary information.

I would like to express my gratitude and respect to my honorable supervisor MD Shariful Alam; Associate Professor SOBE, United International University for guiding me to complete my internship successfully.

The undersigned certifies that the work presented here is done by LamiaAkter (ID: 111 131 438) towards the program of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the report is suitable for submission. This declaration also assures that the report is not copied from any other report.

I do declare that this internship report is prepared for academic purposes only.

Lamia Akter
ID: 111 131 438
School of Business & Economics
United International University

Supervisor’s Certificate
This is to certify that Lamia Akter, a student of BBA, School of Business ; Economics, UIU, bearing ID No. 111 131 436 has successfully completed her internship program report entitled “General Banking Activity and Customer Relationship Of Al-Arafah Bank Limited” under my supervision as the partial fulfillment for the award of BBA degree. She has done her job according to my supervision and guidance with utmost sincerity and dedication. I hope this program will help her in the future as a learning curve to build up her career. I wish her success and prosperity.

Dr. Md. Shariful Alam
Assistant Professor
School of Business ; Economics
United International University
Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc518419180 h 21.1Introduction of the topic: PAGEREF _Toc518419181 h 21.2A Brief introduction of the organization: PAGEREF _Toc518419182 h 21.3Purpose of the study PAGEREF _Toc518419183 h 31.4Objectives of the study PAGEREF _Toc518419184 h 31.4.1Broad Objective: PAGEREF _Toc518419185 h 41.4.2Secondary objective: PAGEREF _Toc518419186 h 41.5Rationale of the study PAGEREF _Toc518419187 h 41.6Scope of the study PAGEREF _Toc518419188 h 41.7Limitations of this report PAGEREF _Toc518419189 h 5Methodology PAGEREF _Toc518419190 h 62Methodology: PAGEREF _Toc518419191 h 72.1Data Design PAGEREF _Toc518419192 h 72.1.1Primary Sources: PAGEREF _Toc518419193 h 72.1.2Secondary sources: PAGEREF _Toc518419194 h 72.2Data Processing: PAGEREF _Toc518419195 h 72.3Analytical Tool: PAGEREF _Toc518419196 h 73Industry Scenario: PAGEREF _Toc518419197 h 93.1Historical Background of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited (AIBL) PAGEREF _Toc518419198 h 93.1.1Vision: PAGEREF _Toc518419199 h 93.1.2Mission: PAGEREF _Toc518419200 h 93.1.3Responsibilities: PAGEREF _Toc518419201 h 103.1.4Specialty: PAGEREF _Toc518419202 h 103.1.5Management: PAGEREF _Toc518419203 h 103.1.6Organization Structure of Al-Arafha Islami Bank LTD: PAGEREF _Toc518419204 h 113.1.7Focus of the organization: PAGEREF _Toc518419205 h 123.1.8SWOT Analysis of Al-arafah Islami Bank Limited: PAGEREF _Toc518419206 h 134Section of Al-Arafha Islami Bank: PAGEREF _Toc518419207 h 164.1General Banking Activity: PAGEREF _Toc518419208 h 164.2Account Department PAGEREF _Toc518419209 h 174.2.1Responsibilities: PAGEREF _Toc518419210 h 174.2.2Product of AIBL: PAGEREF _Toc518419211 h 17H.Mudaraba Kotipoti Deposit Scheme: PAGEREF _Toc518419212 h 20I.Mudaraba Double Benefit Scheme: PAGEREF _Toc518419213 h 214.2.3General Procedure of Account Opening: PAGEREF _Toc518419214 h 214.2.4To close a record: PAGEREF _Toc518419215 h 214.3Clearing: Clearing Section: PAGEREF _Toc518419216 h 224.4Cash Department: PAGEREF _Toc518419217 h 234.5Customer Satisfaction of Al-arafah Islami Bank: PAGEREF _Toc518419218 h 254.6Customer Satisfaction: PAGEREF _Toc518419219 h 264.7Customer Satisfaction Chart: PAGEREF _Toc518419220 h 275Finding and Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc518419221 h 29RECOMMENDATION: PAGEREF _Toc518419222 h 31BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGEREF _Toc518419223 h 33

Executive Summary
The report emphasize on the General Banking Activity and Customer Relationship
Of Al-Arafah Bank Limited which highlights products and services offered by the bank to its customers ranges of these services, related shortcomings and suggestions how to overcome. Customer satisfaction evaluations are used for several different purposes and important for the bank that wishes to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience they provide. In my report , I tried to evaluate AIBL’s customer satisfaction which has helped me to provide recommendations regarding to find solution to fix meaningful problems that have occurred for customers with the bank’s products or service, assess the performance of its customer-facing units (branches, ATM booths, online facility and staff) and to improve its processes and standards for delivery and finally to understand customers’ needs as they use the AIBL’s products or services so AIBL can help them to have a better overall experience. As a part of my academic requirement for the completion of my BBA program I needed to complete my internship program with the duration of three months in Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited, Dhanmoni Branch . In this phase of my education, I received the practical knowledge related with my courses I learned at university. At AIBL, I was assigned to work as intern in two different sections such as General Banking and in Foreign Exchange Division. Mainly I worked at General Banking Section. Data collected for the report in two different modes namely primary and secondary. Face to face conversation with the respective officers of the branch was the main mode to collect primary data and for secondary data various publications and related body are observed. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited is basically a scheduled commercial bank which was registered by the Bangladesh Bank. The services of AIBL cover a wide range of banking and functional activities to individuals, firms, corporate bodies and other multinational agencies.
Chapter 1

IntroductionIntroduction of the topic:Bangladesh’s economy for the most part relies upon keeping money area. The significance of business bank is huger than the nationalized banks in the underdeveloped nations like Bangladesh. This is the 21st century; the period of globalization and combination among the multinational and outside organizations. Globalization/Free market economy is one of the real difficulties for this world. Banks are key budgetary foundation that assumes a fundamental part in the region’s economy and center of the installment framework. The present economy of Bangladesh requests prompt improvement of budgetary establishments with this circumstance. This report has been set up in the light of viable learning and also hypothetical information. The Al-Arafah Islami Bank Restricted takes after incorporated administration approaches and the head office firmly controls the greater part of the branch workplaces.
General I have encountered a well disposed and supporting condition at The Al-Arafah Islami Bank Constrained which gave me the joy and fulfillment to be a piece of them for some time.

A Brief introduction of the organization:The precursor Bangladeshi business bank was absorbed on eighteenth June,1995 under the Organizations Demonstration 1994 was named Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. Al-Arafah Islami Bank enter upon its business managing an account activity on June 03, 1996 approved by the national bank of Bangladesh. As the second era bank Al-Arafah Islami bank has a solid vision to linger as an avant-review managing an account studio in Bangladesh.
The corporate insight is of this bank is to:
make its non-financed face and commission wage stream,
Thus diminishing its dependence on intrigue salary alone.
AIBL was effective in accomplishing considerable development in all business fragments. Like:
Deposit serious rivalry,
Highly unstable currency showcase and outside trade advertise
•Intensified political turmoil.
Regardless of such high points, in the wake of being in the market for over 10 years, Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. has not yet possessed the capacity to build its piece of the pie adequately. When all is said in done managing an account I have learnt the different errands of it uniquely how to open a record, how to issue a check book, the assignment of clearing house, undertaking with respect to DD, PO and different administrations of the bank. Remote Trade Office has three segments specifically
Export and
Foreign Settlement Segment.
Purpose of the studyThe explanation behind picking this subject is to know the “managing an account benefit” at present accessible in the nation. The examination subject enables me to know a few effects about the general managing an account execution of the Al-arafa Islami Bank restricted. Essentially, there are three capacities that banks do each day, yet I have considered on General Saving money Exercises of the Al-arafa Islami Bank Constrained, as my topic is general managing an account execution of the Al-arafa Islami Bank restricted, to achieve the course necessity of the BBA program.

Objectives of the studyTo compose a report its important to choose a point. A very much characterized point reflects what will be examined all through the report. The theme has been appointed by my decent workforce Md. Shariful Alam “General Managing an account of Al-arafa Islami Bank Limited”. The primary target of down to earth introduction on bank is to get a reasonable thought regarding banks, how it runs and what group it does.

Broad Objective:
The primary target of this investigation is to decide the:
General Keeping money Movement of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd
To know the quality, shortcoming of this bank.

Secondary objective:Identify the measurable execution of Al-Arafah Islami Bank constrained.
Discussion on capacity and activity of each level of the association of Al-Arafah Islami Bank constrained.
To recognize the issue looking by the Al-Arafah Islami Bank constrained.
To relate hypothetical information with reasonable involvement in a few elements of Al-Arafah Islami Bank restricted.

Rationale of the studyBecause of the expanded rivalry of the expanded number of business banks and the developing economy, the desires for the clients have additionally expanded than at any other time. Understanding the current condition, banks, particularly the business banks are attempting to draw in an ever increasing number of individuals to utilize bank as their confided in sparing way. So banks are coming more reachable to their clients. By and by the most genuine trouble confronting the money related area is the low level of loan cost and abnormal state of swelling rate, because of political insurgency and syndicating of items. So it is the obligation of the best administration of the business banks to manage the circumstance.

Scope of the studyThe report has done based on General saving money execution in Al-arafa Islami Bank LTD. In the first place, it covers the presentation and cause of the report. It likewise covers the hierarchical structure, distinctive division, item, and administrations issues and arrangements of Al-arafa Islami Bank LTD. The principle part of the report comprises of the General managing an account execution in Al-arafa Islami Bank LTD. This report depicts the discoveries and suggestion for those issues.

Limitations of this reportTo get ready such sort of enlightening report is continually intriguing, useful and information sharing issue. Yet, there are a few impediments that ruin to set up a report easily. Because of setting up the report, a few issues are looked by me. It’s anything but a simple undertaking to set up a give an account of the accomplished functional involvement in three months.

Chapter 02
MethodologyMethodology:Data DesignFrom my instructive foundation I have learned distinctive technique in explore process. So in this examination I had the chance to embroil may instructive information in viable field. I have gathered information from numerous sources:
Primary Sources:
Personal meeting up close and personal discussion and indepth meet with the separate officers of the branch.
Personal perception watching the techniques of saving money exercises took after by every office.
Practical work presentation on various territories of the branch.
Informal discussion with the customer or clients.
Relevant records identified with the investigation as gave by the officers.
Secondary sources:
Annual report of AIBL.
Periodical distributed by Bangladesh bank.
Internet is additionally utilized as hypothetical wellsprings of data.
Website and pamphlets are likewise utilized as real.

Data Processing:Gathered data is handled by the utilization of PC framework. Nitty gritty examination, working factors and working definitions are encapsulated in the report.

Analytical Tool:Different tools have been used to find out the objectives.

Different charts and figures analysis
SWOT analysis.

Chapter 03
Organizational Background

Industry Scenario:Bank is a financial institution which keeps or gives financial support for a limited time period for exchanging something. It was 1668 when the first modern banking was introduced in Stockholm as Savings Pis Bank at Europe.

There are 4 Nationalized Commercial Banks in Bangladesh. Sonali Bank, Rupali Bank, Agrani Bank and Jonota Bank. Sonali Bank is the biggest public leads privet bank. Also there are 28 Local Privet Banks and 12 foreign banks, 5 Financial Developments Institute; there are 49 banks in total. Beside those bank there are also there are some banks like Somobay, Grammen Bank, AnserVDP Bank, Karmanestha bank. Almost every bank has branches including rural areas. Bangladesh Bank controls all those banks activity.

Historical Background of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited (AIBL)Vision:
To be a pioneer in Islamic Managing an account in Bangladesh and contribute fundamentally to the development of the national economy.
Expansion of Shariah Based Keeping money Practices.
Quality budgetary administrations receiving the most recent innovation.
Quick and effective client benefit.
Keeping up exclusive expectation of business morals.
Adjusted development.
Relentless and aggressive profit for investor’s value.
Inventive keeping money at a focused cost.
Pull in and hold quality HR.
Stretching out focused remuneration bundles to the representatives.
Strong responsibility to the development of national economy.
Including more in smaller scale and SME financing.
Accomplishing the fulfillment of God-like Allah both here and from now on.
Their own is a client centered present day Islamic Saving money making sound and consistent development in both activating store and making quality Speculation to keep our situation as a main Islami Bank in Bangladesh. To convey money related administrations with the pinch of our heart to retail, little and medium scale ventures and additionally corporate customers through our branches the nation over. Our business activities are intended to coordinate the changing exchange and modern needs of the customers.

Specialty:There are some special features which make AIBL different from other banks in Bangladesh. They are:
Following Islamic Shariah for interest-free activity.

Maintain all the rules for investment.

Working for social activity.

Developing the women entrepreneurs’ area.

Always awake for employee’s skill development and opportunity.

Give customers a spiritually satisfaction.
Management:AIBL is control by its Board of Directors. There are 15 members in the management. The Board is likewise in charge of setting up the organization’s strategies and evaluating the operational execution of the organization including endorsement of expansive speculation exchanges and significant reserve obtainment.
Organization Structure of Al-Arafha Islami Bank LTD:1207770172720
Figure: Organization Structure of Al-Arafha Islami Bank LTD
Focus of the organization:
Figure: Focus of the Al-Arafha Islami Bank LTD

SWOT Analysis of Al-arafah Islami Bank Limited:


Chapter 4
General Banking Activity
Customer Satisfaction

Section of Al-Arafha Islami Bank:There are three activity sections in AIBL. They are:

Figure: Section of Al-Arafha Islami Bank
General Banking Activity:General banking activity is one of the best features which give another identity to Al-Arafha Islami Bank LTD. There are three sections in general banking section. They are:
Figure: General Banking Activity
Account DepartmentResponsibilities:The first and important responsibility is to make a good relationship with their clients and make sure that the client is getting what he/she is wanted for opening or closing or any kind of information he/she wanted for.


Product of AIBL:
Because of Islam based bank these banks always obey the rules and regulations of Islam. They are providing their customer many options in GENERAL BANKING by that customers can get the safest and smartest option for their money. They are providing-

A small discussion about their products:
Al Wadea Current Deposit (CD):
Saving account, nonprofit.

Minimum balance TK.2000.

Account maintaining fee 250 (twice in year).

Bellow TK.2000 will mean close account and maintaining fee will deduct once in the year.
No time limite.

Mudaraba Saving Deposit (MSD):
Saving account, profit.

Following Mudaraba rules of profit.

Profit rate: One year 15% profit. Six month 10% profit. Three month 8% profit.

Minimum balance TK.500 and maximum TK.5, 00,000.

Individual, Joint Savings Account, Partnership, non-profit making organization.

Monthly Installment Based Team Deposit (ITD):
Certain period 5/8/10/12 year deposit system.

Not payable before maturity date.

Minimum balance TK.10000
Monthly installment like TK.200, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000.

Hardly maintain the date or time.

Monthly Installment Based Hajj Deposit (MHD):
Individual only.

Time period should be 1-5 years.

Follow Mudaraba principle of Islamic Shariah.

Mudaraba Pension Special Saving Scheme:
Follow Shariah Principle
Target customer is middle and lower middle class professional and serves holder.

Time period 5/10/12 years.

Minimum TK. 500 and maximum TK. 10000.

Mudaraba Lacpoti Deposit Scheme:
The recently presented store plan of AAIBL.

Seen as ”Deposit Collection Month” by the bank.

Principle subject of the plan is that a contributor will get tk.1 Lakh at development.
The plan is worked in Mudaraba guideline.
Duration (Years) Monthly Installment (Tk) Amount Payable At Maturity (Tk)
3 2375 100000
5 1275 100000
8 670 100000
10 460 100000
12 335 100000
Mudaraba Millionaire Deposit Scheme:
Also seen as ”Deposit Collection Month” by the bank
One of the most popular products.

The main attractive part is at the maturity depositor will get 10 Lake TK.
The plan is worked in Mudaraba guideline.

Duration (Years) Monthly Installment (Tk) Amount Payable At Maturity (Tk)
3 24850 10 Lakh
4 16850 10 Lakh
5 14750 10 Lakh
Mudaraba Kotipoti Deposit Scheme:Also seen as ”Deposit Collection Month” by the bank
One of the most popular products.

The main attractive part is at the maturity depositor will get 10 Crore TK.
The plan is worked in Mudaraba guideline.

Duration (Years) Monthly Installment (Tk) Amount Payable At Maturity (Tk)
3 340600 1 Crore
4 270600 1 Crore
5 238600 1 Crore
Mudaraba Double Benefit Scheme:Also seen as ”Deposit Collection Month” by the bank.

Time period is 6 years.

One of the most popular products.

Depositor will get double of his or her deposited amount.
The plan is worked in Mudaraba guideline.

General Procedure of Account Opening:Step1: Bank gives account opening structure to the client.
Stage 2: Applicant tops off the shape.
Stage 3: Application presents the shape bluntly marked by an introducer and along with2pasport measure photograph marked by the introducer.
Stage 4: The approved officer examines the application frame.
Stage 5: If they are fulfilled, they will open the record.
Stage 6: They issue store slip and store must be made it.
Stage 7: After affidavit one checkbook is issued Signature card to confirm the mark of the customer.
Stage 8: Bank protects the example.
Stage 9: Account is opened.

To close a record:
Account holder requires applying in a particular shape with full signature.
He/she/they should surrender the unused leaves/check book gave by the bank.
Verification of mark and endorsement by task head.
Close the record.

Clearing: Clearing Section:
At the point when the budgetary instruments like P.O., D.D., and Checks gathered by particular branch inside the Dhaka city and not of their own branch then the Outward clearing will be worked. The techniques of Outward Clearing are taken after:
The instruments with calendars to the primary branch of AL-ARAFAH-ISLAMI Bank Ltd. With issuing an Inter Branch Debit Advice (IBDA).
Clearing stamps are joined on the instruments.
Checked for any obvious inconsistency.
The approved mark supports instruments.
Particulars of the instruments and vouchers are recorded in the ‘Outward Clearing’ enlist
The customers get the obligation marked instruments and furthermore branch code number joined on the instruments.
Internal Clearing
At the point when the checks of its client are gotten for gathering from different banks, the accompanying ought to be checked deliberately;
The check must be crossed.
The check ought not to convey a date more established then the accepting date for over a half year.
The gathering bank must check whether support is done appropriately or not.
The sum both in words and figures in store slip ought to be same and furthermore it ought to be in congruity with the sum specified in words and figures in the checks.
Basic components for Clearing
There are three basic components are required for clearing the Instruments:
Clearing Seal,
Crossing Seal.
Endorsement Seal.

Cash Department:Cash Department is a critical piece of any branch. The vast majority of the exercises are identifying with money segment. The elements of money area are receipt and installment of money.

Venture (Association Wide Exercises)
Al-ArafahIslami Bank is another age bank. It is resolved to give superb money related administrations/items to add to the development of G. D. P of the nation through invigorating exchange and business, quickening the pace of industrialization. In venture activity of the bank is of vital significance as the best offer of aggregate income of the band is produced from it, most extreme hazard is focused in it and even the specific presence of band relies upon reasonable administration of its speculation portfolio. Allah has allowed Bai (Purchasing and offering i.e. exchanging) and denied Riba. Islamic Banks in the entirety of its exchanges take after the decision of Al-Qur’an and Sunnah and forbid Riba in the entirety of its activities. The Banks lead speculation portfolio under three instrument i.e. (1) Bai Component; (2) Offer System (3) Ijara.

Shame of Check:
On the off chance that the check is disrespected, there is no training in AIBL to send update (check return image) to the client. In any case, if the client needs to know the reason of the disrespect of the check than the bank send reminder expressing the reason in the Accompanying way:
Allude to cabinet Not orchestrated
Impacts not cleared might be available again Surpass course of action
Full cover not got Installment halted by cabinet
Payee’s support unintelligible
Payee’s support unpredictable, require Bank’s affirmation Cabinet’s mark varies
Check is post dated
Sum in words and figures varies
Crossed check must be available through a bank Clearing stamps required/requires scratch-off
Expansion to the release of Bank ought to verify
Check crossed “Record Payee Just” Accumulation Bank’s release unpredictable
Dispatch is one of the essential divisions of keeping money exercises. Dispatch can be sorted into two sections:
Inward Enlist:
In internal enlist all the approaching archives are gotten and enrolled by date. At that point, Records are exchanged to various divisions as per their fate.
Outward Enlist:
The reports, which are expected to mail to various branches of TBL in Bangladesh or outside Bangladesh, are enlisted in outward enroll and sent by dispatch or by post, which one is appropriate.

Customer Satisfaction of Al-arafah Islami Bank:Al-arafah Islami Bank is always concern about their customer. They are always working to improve their activity because of their customer that they can get their needed thing so easily and be satisfied with their service.

Three months is not enough to find out the satisfaction level of the entire customer. But I tried to find out some most visited clients. This evolution for customer satisfaction is on the whole activity of Al-arafah Islami Bank LTD. I had collected almost all the activity of this bank. For the limitation of this report I cannot discuss all of them as I discuss about THE GENERAL BANKING ACTIVITY. Those clients were from different area, different occupation and dealing with this bank for different purpose. As I mention before for the limitation my server was limited and small in size. I got 38 clients for my serve. Some of them are very old clients of Al-arafah Islami Bank.

Gender Number
Male 27
Female 11
Total 38
Figure: Number of clients participates in evolution.

The clients have to rate those questions according to:
I asked them some question about this institution and tell them to rate them 1-5.

5 4 3 2 1
Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied/dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
Customer Satisfaction:Statements Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Satisfied/ dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Total
AIBL has current looking gear and innovations that better fulfill your needs 30 01 07 00 00 38
The sitting course of action is agreeable and enough 35 00 00 00 03 38
Workers are educated about the contributions 34 00 03 00 00 38
Your check book and ATM card was conveyed opportune and proficiently 32 00 01 01 03 38
In the event that AIBL guarantees to do 29 05 00 00 04 38
The staff and workers of the bank are useful and welcoming. 31 00 00 03 04 38
Something by a specific time, it does as such 32 00 00 00 06 38
The officers at client benefit effectively addressed your required request 30 08 00 00 00 38

Customer Satisfaction Chart:lefttopFigure: Customer Satisfaction Chart

Chapter 05
Finding and analysis
Of The Study

Finding and Analysis:?When a business entity comes to open a record if the organization happens to be a current one, the financier should request duplicates of the asset report and benefit &loss account, which will mirror the money related development of the organization and its soundness. In any case, practically speaking organizations and the financiers also don’t much trouble.
?Officer of the bank are capable. Despite the fact that a considerable lot of them just know the working methodology of what they are doing yet don’t have the foggiest idea about the reasoning behind doing those. It requires mixture of both the fields advertising and managing an account. Be that as it may, the bank has barely any individual with this sort of capacity.
?Like a large portion of the private banks, AIBL additionally forces an objective store for gathering upon its workers. Each representative needs to go out with the end goal of store gathering, which they call “improvement reason”. It is a viable .
?AIBL give preparing yet the office isn’t adequate particularly for the lower level officers.
?The money counters are congested which hamper everyday teller exercises and activity wind up deferred.

Chapter 06
RECOMMENDATION:Keeping in mind the end goal to get upper hand and to convey quality administration, top administration should endeavor to change the administration.
According to open another record AIBL must require progressively and important archives from new clients. It would be extremely useful both Bank and the clients.
It appears to me that step by step client’s participation is expanding. Singular worker needs to deal with various kinds of employment. Yet, that is scar a back for a representative. Thus it may be happen any enormous misstep by the worker and administration is additionally planned devouring and client needs to languish over this circumstance. May be it would be the purpose behind worker’s de-inspiration and additionally the client’s disappointment.
They ought to likewise center around the advertising angles to tell clients about their items and contributions and more advancement ought to be given to draw in new client.
Bank should offer more offices to the client’s, for example, credit visa card, ATM machine and so forth.
AIBL must create electronic saving money framework to direct the administration. Innovation favorable position of a bank guaranteeing its focused edge in the commercial center must be accomplished by productive labor. It is piece of the overall industry to decrease its working expense and to produce new income. Electronic saving money framework additionally enables expanded access to the monetary system by its customer’s.

Islamic belief system urges us to prevail in life here and from now on. To make this progress we should take after the route managed by the Heavenly Quran and the way appeared by Rasul (SM). With this objective in see Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd was set up (enrolled) as an open constrained organization on 18 June, 1995. The debut service occurred on 27 September 1995. It has made a positive commitment towards the financial improvement of the nation by opening 94 branches on which 31 approved merchant (Advertisement) all through the nation. The value of the bank remained at Tk.3415 million as 31 December 2011, the labor are 1805 and number of investors are12561. The bank directs its business on the standards of Mudaraba, Bai-muazzal, and enlists buy exchanges endorsed by Bangladesh Bank. Normally, its modes and activities are significantly unique in relation to those of other customary business bank. There is a Shariah chamber in the banks who keeps up consistent watchfulness to guarantee that the exercises of the bank are being led on the statutes of Islam. The Shariah board comprises of noticeable Ulema, presumed financiers, prestigious legal counselors and famous business analyst.

AIBL has set up altruism through inventive items and administrations. Innovative advancement has opened up another measurement in the improvement of inventive items, productive administrations and consumer loyalty. The Bank must adapt to this mechanical headway its present status.

Second Officer
Al_arafah Islami Bank
Branch: Dhanmondi
MD. Ayub Ali
Senior Principal
Branch: Dhanmondi
Syeda Ziren Afroza Ziniya.

Executive Officer
Branch: Dhanmondi
Masud Rana.

Executive Officer
Branch: Dhanmondi


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