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Internship Report onAnalyzing B2B Digital Communication: An Example from BanglalinkLetter of Transmittal Date: 14-02-2018MD Shariful AlamAssociate ProfessorSchool of Business and EconomicsUnited International University Subject: Submission of internship report on “Analyzing B2B Digital Communication: An Example from Banglalink”Dear Sir,Here is my internship report on “Analyzing B2B Digital Communication: An Example from Banglalink” which you have assigned me to do as a part of my BBA program requirement. I have tried my best to gather all kinds of relevant information, which could give and overall idea on this topic.I have worked 3 months with Banglalink and I have observed their work. I have tried to gather information regarding report as much as possible. I hope that this report will meet the expected standard.

I have enjoyed preparing the report very much. Specially, the knowledge obtained from my BBA program and some Banglalink employees helped with the information which made my work a bit easier. I am submitting this internship report for your kind consideration and thanking you for your constant assistance and guidance.Sincerely yours,Zarin YeasminAnalyzing B2B Digital Communication: An Example from BanglalinkSubmitted To:Md. Shariful Alam, PhDAssociate ProfessorSchool of Business & EconomicsUnited International UniversitySubmitted By:Name: Zarin YeasminID: 111 131 567Date of Submission:14-Feb-18Acknowledgement:At the very beginning, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to almighty Allah for giving me the strength and the composure to complete my BBA courses and prepare this report.

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The internship opportunity I had with Banglalink Digital communication was a great chance for learning and professional development. Therefore, I consider myself as a very lucky individual as I was provided with an opportunity to be a part of it. I am also grateful for having a chance to meet so many wonderful people and professionals who led me though this internship period.I would like to express my gratitude and respect to my honorable supervisor MD Shariful Alam; Associate Professor SOBE, United International University for guiding me and providing me necessary information to complete my internship successfully.Executive Summary:Banglalink starts its journey once again for February, over 2,800 employee look assignments led from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 and might have been 1st known as Sheba telecom which might have been An joint wander agency with the blending of a malaysian shares of the organization.

September, 2004, Orascom telecom property bought 100% of the allotments of Sheba telecom (Pvt. ) set (“Sheba”). It might have been procured to us $60 million. To April, 2011 Orascom sold 52.

92% of their allotments to Vimpelcom. It will be a Norwegian-Russian telecom firm. Correct presently Banglalink need 29. 45 million subscribers also advertise allotment for 25.

47%. Banglalink may be mindful regarding those pop culture Furthermore they constantly stay with finishing something for the improvement of the the public eye.There is Mass Market Operation Department to maintain mass market individual needs; there is Corporate Sales Department to provide corporations special need which is maintained by the B2B business Department.

To motivate inter connection among Small & Medium Enterprises there is SME Division and also have other two corporate connections Icon and SOHO.After going through whole report, it can be conclude that Banglalink has achieved a lot as they have been in the telecommunication market for a short time. It was only possible because of their working environment and their passion for achieving company goal. In addition, their proper marketing strategy and better understanding of market situation helped to get customer attention. Moreover, B2B business team is playing very important role behind the achievements of Banglalink as they work hard to get communicate with customers directly and provide better services through direct sells which brought a great success in sales.

And most importantly, B2B business area of Banglalink has a bright future in terms of Bangladeshi telecommunication market as the corporate connections market size is not that much big.Table of ContentsCHAPTER-1 (Introduction) TOC o “1-3” h z u 1.1Industry overview: PAGEREF _Toc505766153 h 21.2 Origin of the Report: PAGEREF _Toc505766154 h 31.3 Objective of the Report: PAGEREF _Toc505766155 h 31.4 Limitation of the Report: PAGEREF _Toc505766156 h 31.5 Methodology: PAGEREF _Toc505766157 h 41.6 Role of telecommunication sector in Bangladesh PAGEREF _Toc505766158 h 51.

7 Challenges of Telecommunication industry in Bangladesh PAGEREF _Toc505766159 h 8CHAPTER-2 (Company Overview)2.1 Company Overview PAGEREF _Toc505766160 h 112.2 Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives and Slogan of Banglalink PAGEREF _Toc505766161 h 132.3 Team of Banglalink PAGEREF _Toc505766162 h 142.4 Competitors PAGEREF _Toc505766163 h 152.

5 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities: PAGEREF _Toc505766164 h 17CHAPTER-3 (Marketing Perspective of B2B Business Department)3.1 B2B Business Department in Banglalink: PAGEREF _Toc505766165 h 203.2 Work Experience: PAGEREF _Toc505766166 h 233.

3 SWOT Analysis of Banglalink B2B Business Department: PAGEREF _Toc505766167 h 243.4 Advertising Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc505766168 h 273.5 Marketing Mix of B2B Business department: PAGEREF _Toc505766169 h 283.

6 Service Quality versus customer satisfaction: PAGEREF _Toc505766170 h 303.7 Marketing Segmentation: PAGEREF _Toc505766171 h 31CHAPTER-4(Recommendation, Conclusion, Reference)4.1 Recommendation: PAGEREF _Toc505766172 h 344.2 Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc505766173 h 354.3 Reference: PAGEREF _Toc505766174 h 36CHAPTER-1(Introduction)Industry Overview: The media transmission segment of Bangladesh has been blasting with the present six organizations that are working.

The media transmission division of Bangladesh started with little strides in 1989 when the permit to a private administrator was issued for the arrangement of bury alia cell portable administrations to endeavor with the past imposing business model supplier of broadcast communications benefits, the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB). In the late 1990s, wonderful number of settled and portable administrations made their check in Bangladesh. Subsequently, the quantity of administrations in operation has expanded in the previous fifteen years. Without a doubt, the measures taken by the administration and open segment have encouraged to develop this area. Bangladesh, a profoundly populated market has pulled in numerous remote financial specialists to put resources into this area.Multinational organizations continue looking for chances to extend their business all inclusive. Subsequently, multinational organizations in the media transmission industry are endeavoring to venture into the business sectors with higher development rate. Fortuitously, Bangladesh telecom industry showcase has made a ton of financial specialists to investigate the open doors.

Numerous outside speculators will put resources into telecom part of Bangladesh. It has been estimated that the normal income from the telecom area will be BDT 1500 crore Taka for each year. Bangladesh is basically skilled with a thick populace and furthermore has the capacity with an effortlessly extendable scope. Subsequently, this market has turned into an ideal fit for telecom business because of the foundation and low tendency. The division has an appeal and extensive purchaser base. Notwithstanding that, the administration has made the entrance of remote venture arrangement less demanding with no limitations. Be that as it may, the current framework isn’t sufficient built up, however it is reasonable for outside venture.

The key monetary pointers demonstrated that the inflow of outside direct speculation (FDI) developed by 26% with the media transmission division influencing most elevated development to rate in the 2008-09 financial year than the past monetary year. An aggregate of around US $430 million was put resources into the nation’s media transmission division, especially by quickly developing telephone organizations in the financial year 2009, a current investigation of Bangladesh Bank uncovers. The legislature urges the private part to put more in this industry. The business can be utilized to keep up a lively part in advancing the financial structure of the nation. Along these lines, to guarantee that the gov-10 ornament has taken various endeavors, among which the best one was to affirm the private part with the permit for settled phone.1.2 Origin of the Report:As per requirement of BBA program I have to prepare and submit a report on the basis of my practical knowledge throughout my internship program.

This report is prepared to complete my BBA program from the united international university. This report contains all the information about Banglalink and one of its specific department which is B2B business Department.1.3 Objective of the Report:Identify various factors about BanglalinkIdentify the activities of B2B business department of BanglalinkMeasure the activity of the B2B business department in the basis of different marketing toolsEvaluate the overall products and services of the B2B business department1.4 Limitation of the Report:The first and foremost limitation of the report is there is a very less information about the B2B business departmentWe are the first intern of the SME team so we unable to get any sample copy of the report Due to lack of the information I cannot make a broad reportThere are some confidential information which is impossible to collect and include in the reportInsufficient data record as per requirement1.5 Methodology:Primary and Secondary DataPrimary Data:The environment of the telecommunication in BangladeshDiscuss with my line manager Collect information from some of the employees of departmentDiscussion with the faculty member of BBA departmentExperts opinionSecondary Data:Reports on various topics of BanglalinkAnnual reports of BanglalinkWebsitesBlog, journal, newspaper, books etc1.

6 Role of Telecommunication sector in BangladeshIt is trusted that the biggest structure of privatization in Bangladesh was conceivable because of the speculation of various media transmission organizations. The outside direct speculation (FDI) in this segment was BDT taka 30 thousand crore till September 2008. As indicated by world acclaimed reports, if the use of cell phones in creating nations increments by 10%, government income will increment by 1.2% of every a year. Besides, it assumes a noteworthy part to build up the financial state of Bangladesh.Employment creation and lessened joblessness.

At the point when a multinational goes into a nation, it makes an enormous work open door for its populace. Telecom organizations are enormous organizations with heaps of accessibility of occupation in different offices. An examination appear, till 2008, 6 lakh 75 thousand individuals of our nation are straightforwardly or by implication include in this division for work and 15% are ladies. So we can likewise say that this area helps in ladies strengthening.Fig: Contribution to employee from the Mobile value chain in BangladeshSources of Government Income and Revenue.

It is one of the biggest areas for the administration to get income from. The multinationals have a vast venture base and because of that the arrival is likewise higher. What’s more, accordingly, the administration gets higher income which it can use for the advancement of the general public. The commitment of 11 telecom parts in our nation’s aggregate GDP is around 5.83% (temporary) starting at 2010 and the real segment of this commitment originates from the cell phone organizations.

Till September 2008, the commitment of this part to our economy was BDT Taka 20 thousand crore which was around 8% of the aggregate incomes.Sources of Government Income and Revenue. It is one of the biggest areas for the administration to get income from. The multinationals have a vast venture base and because of that the arrival is likewise higher. What’s more, accordingly, the administration gets higher income which it can use for the advancement of the general public. The commitment of 11 telecom parts in our nation’s aggregate GDP is around 5.83% (temporary) starting at 2010 and the real segment of this commitment originates from the cell phone organizations. Till September 2008, the commitment of this part to our economy was BDT Taka 20 thousand crore which was around 8% of the aggregate incomes.

Fig: Economic impact of the mobile communications industry in Bangladesh as a percentage of GDPSource: Analysis based on data provided by operators, interview and analysis of company accounts and industry report.Recorded in Stock Market in Bangladesh. Despite the fact that telecom industry began its business in private part yet right now telephone has been recorded in securities exchange and offered offers to general society about BDT Taka 486 crore which is a decent sign for this area. This works the business and furthermore makes a constructive open picture to the mass individuals of the nation.

Dramatic Changes in Communication System. Cell phone has passed on different radical changes to our correspondence system and moreover our overall population. Life has ended up being brisk, less requesting and pleasing similar to business and society. By using mobile phones, we can relate wherever all through the world inside a short time allotment and can share information all through. Develop Corporate Culture and Make more aggressive. Telecom segment, particularly cell phone Company is the pioneer to build up the corporate culture in Bangladesh.

These days, the vast majority of the private association and in addition a portion of people in general organizations attempt to hone this culture. This makes the market more focused and the 12 representative, government and individuals can get profited by honing this hierarchical culture.CSR and Telecommunication. The media transmission segment assumes an imperative part keeping in mind the end goal to add to wellbeing, training, condition, games and all other social division as corporate social duty (CSR). We have seen that organizations add to disease healing facilities, give grants to the understudies and orchestrate diverse kinds of program for human improvement moreover. The organizations helps in the beautification of various urban communities, give assets and alleviation in various region, wellbeing line and administration. In addition, the media transmission part goes about as an individual from the general public.1.

7 Challenges of Telecommunication industry in Bangladesh Problems and prospects of any business sector are related to its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. However, the issues with any business sector depend on the country’s political, economic, socio cultural and technological environment. And the telecommunication sector of our country along with numerous advantages had to face challenges. Poor economic background.

Bangladesh, being a least developed or developing country, has a poor economic background where the majority of the population is under poverty line. Therefore, it is very challenging to maintain such kind of business with a remarkable profit. The telecom companies might have to sacrifice most of their luxuries to operate in such country like Bangladesh.Unstable political situation. Since ages we have seen that Bangladesh is not a political stable country. We have had problems like strikes, political violence, corruption and many more.

Therefore, these problems have made this sector insecure. This reduces the foreign direct investments (FDI) in the country. And we can see that due to the ups and downs of the political situations, we don’t have any more investments in this sector. High rate of Corporate Tax. Due to the economic condition of Bangladesh not being stable enough, it is difficult for any sector including the telecommunication sector to make much profit. Moreover, the companies have to pay high corporate tax which is around 40%-45% approximately. This makes it difficult for the telecom companies to cover along with the high operation costs. In addition to that, the companies also have 13 to pay the Mobile SIM tax which was supposed to be paid by the subscribers, but to retain higher customers and sales; the companies bear the tax costs by themselves.

This is a great challenge for the telecom companies. Import tax. Bangladesh is not much advanced in terms of technological aspects. And telecommunication sector is highly relied on technology, regarding their network, handsets and services that are to be provided. Hence, the mobile companies have to import technologies, handsets and other equipments from various countries like China, and for this they are to pay 35% import tax. It is a huge amount of burden on the telecommunication sector depending on the amount of profit that they make. High competition.

With six companies operating in the telecommunication sector, there’s a great deal of competition. In the primary stage of telecom sector, Grameenphon and City cell were the only companies which operated their business in their own way. The enjoyed the advantages of first mover, but when Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk and Airtel entered the market, the competition took over to a new level. To survive the competition, few companies had to rebrand itself and few had to merge with other companies.

Therefore, this is a challenge which the telecom sector will have to face throughout.CHAPTER TWO(Company Overview)2.1 Company Overview Banglalink Digital Communications Limited, before known as Orascom telecom Bangladesh Limited is one of the biggest cell specialist co-ops in Bangladesh. It is completely possessed by telecom wanders restricted, beforehand known as Orascom telecom wanders constrained of Malta, which is an entirely claimed auxiliary of Global telecom holding. Worldwide telecom holding is the business blend between Vimpelcom Limited and Wind telecom s.p.a, where else Vimpelcom possesses 51.92% offers of Global telecom holding.

Vimpelcom constrained is one of the world’s biggest incorporated restricted broadcast communications administrations administrators giving voice and information benefits through a scope of customary and broadband versatile and settled advancements, which is headquartered in Amsterdam.It works in nations like Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Algeria, Pakistan, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Canada and Bangladesh. Vimpelcom is headquartered in Amsterdam and Netherlands.

It is recorded on the NASDAQ worldwide select market under the image “VIP”.Fig: Ownership Structure of BanglalinkSource: Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. Annual Report (2014)Banglalink might have been propelled in February 2005, which might have been Awhile ago known as Sheba telecom.

Banglalink made a momentous effect at first after their beginning. Their administrations towards those clients Eventually Tom’s perusing giving them for number about moderate alternatives over an extensive variety about business sector segments permitted the organization on make an sway overnight. Banglalink’s starting prosperity might have been In light of an straightforward mission; “Bringing versatile telephony of the masses”, which acted crazy superbly as their fundamental system.

Banglalink transformed the status of the cell telephone usage, the place formerly it might have been utilized similarly as An extravagance which transformed with An need for the general kin from claiming Bangladesh. Those cell telephone required get to be the image for a certain progress previously, Bangladesh. Those mark slogan; “Start something New” states the company’s guarantee of empowering kin with moderate correspondence results thereabouts that they cam wood make new activities in existence. Banglalink accepts that, such activities will achieve certain change to that improvement of the entire country.By December 2005, Banglalink figured out how to draw in with one million supporters and three million endorsers in October 2006. Inside two years of activity, by December 2007 Banglalink beat Aktel, now known as Robi Axiata Limited and secured the position of second biggest portable administrator in Bangladesh with more than 7.1 million endorsers.

As of February 2016, Banglalink has 31.9 million supporters, speaking to a piece of the overall industry of 25.46%. Banglalink’s development throughout the years comprised of their inventive offers and administrations focusing on various market portions, forceful change of system quality and committed client mind, making a broad appropriation arrange around the nation and building up a solid brand that candidly associates with Banglalink.2.

2 Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives and Slogan of BanglalinkVision: “Banglalink understands people’s need best and will create and deliver appropriate communication services to improve people’s life and make it easier” Mission:Banglalink’s success was based on a simple mission: “bringing mobile telephony to the masses” which was the cornerstone of its strategy.Goal:Banglalink’s goal is to make the cellular phone affordable to the people of every level with lower cost. Objectives: The main objective of Banglalink is to serve better network and coverage to its valuable subscribers and improve their communication level. Core departmental objectives to achieve Banglalink’s Vision and Mission: Provide effective and truthful front line and back office customer care and support to ensure high quality service.

Researching and resolving customer highlighted issues and problems. Retain valuable customers for the company as well as generate revenue and increase company’s profitability. Maintain a management culture of high performance and strong accountability. Treat customers with courtesy, respect and consideration at all the times.Slogan:”Start Something New”1932940698502.3 Team of BanglalinkFig: Management Team of Banglalink2.

4 Competitors There are six telecom companies currently operating in Bangladesh. Among six of them, four are considered to be highly competitive. These are Grameenphone, Banglalink, Airtel and Robi. Grameenphone: Grameenphone is the heading telecom agency in bangladesh. Grameenphone is An and only Telenor one assembly which may be working its business to 13 business sectors crosswise over Europe Also Asia.

It will be fundamentally the joint wander between Telenor Furthermore Grameen telecom organization the place Telenor claims 55. 8% imparts from claiming GP Also Grameen telecom claims 34. 2% and the remaining 10% is held Eventually Tom’s perusing government funded. Grameenphone began its journey for Walk 26, 1997 building an endorser base from claiming 55 million similarly as from claiming presently. In this way GP need contributed more than BDT 26,830 crore to manufacture the system framework. Moreover, GP is those biggest taxpaying in the country, Hosting contributed more than BDT 43,890 crore done regulate what’s more backhanded imposes of the legislature exchequer over the considerable length of time.

Banglalink: Banglalink will be the second biggest telecom agency previously, Bangladesh for a client build of 31. 9 million, speaking to An advertise stake of 24. 4%.

Starting with those run through Banglalink might have been started over February 2005, it needed made a sway instantly since Right away. Banglalink might have been ready on make an phenomena that cell phone cam wood be competitive to each distinct and is a accessible choice to clients over an extensive variety of advertise segments. ROBI: Robi is known with a chance to be a standout amongst those practically dynamic and quickly developing telecommunications operators in bangladesh. It will be an joint wander agency between Axiata bunch Berthed about Malaysia Furthermore NTT DoCoMo inc. of Japan.

The organization initiated its operation On 1997 Similarly as Telekom Malaysia worldwide (Bangladesh) with the brand name “Aktel”. The organization might have been rebranded in 2010 concerning illustration “Robi” and the shares of the organization transformed its sake on Robi Axiata Limited, the place Axiata holds 92% of the proprietorship and Docomo whatever is left. Robi will be those third biggest cell telephone drivers done Bangladesh with a client build for 27. 55 million.

Airtel: Airtel bangladesh Limited, formerly known as Warid telecom will be a standout amongst those speediest developing versatile administrations suppliers in bangladesh. The organization is a concern of Bharti Airtel Limited, a heading adrift worldwide telecommunications administrations supplier. Clinched alongside 2010, India’s Bharti Airtel restricted took through 70% stakes from Warid telecom to 300 million us dollars. Those bargain might have been endorsed ahead january 4, 2010 by those BTRC. Bharti Airtel constrained took administration counseling of the agency Furthermore its board, and rebranded the company’s benefits under its identity or Airtel brand from December 20, 2010. With a client base for more than 10 million, Airtel Bangladesh may be the majority favored childhood brand of the nation over that thrives looking into phenomenal information administration.Teletalk: Teletalk Bangladesh constrained is An open restricted company, enlisted under the recorder of the joint stock organizations of Bangladesh. The aggregate amount for stakes of the organization may be possessed toward that legislature of the People’s Re for Bangladesh.

Teletalk off its operation is 2004 Also Likewise once January, 2016, it will be those fifth biggest versatile drivers over Bangladesh with a endorser build of 4. 211 million.2.5 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities:From those precise starting Banglalink may be mindful regarding its corporate social responsibilities. Banglalink stayed dedicated will assume its part concerning illustration a capable corporate resident will help in making An Contrast in the socio-investment advancement about Bangladesh.

The organization undertakes a few activities every year for those welfare of Group What’s more protection of the nature’s domain. These activities united Banglalink’s notoriety Similarly as implication in the corporate social action. Banglalink social exercises incorporate the accompanying initiatives:Cox’s bazar sea beach cleaning project and international coastal cleanup day: Since 2005, Banglalink require been cleaning world’s longest sea beach, cox’s bazar. Under this project, 26 female masters clean the 3 km in length shore 363 days a very much some time for 2 shifts. Moreover to that there might a chance to be another aggregation to 7 male laborers who support ought further bolstering move the whole of cash overpowering dirt Besides garbage from the individuals sunny shore. Will aggravate Care In addition hype, especially around youth, Banglalink observes ‘International shoreline cleanup Day’. Since over 2,800 doctor look assignments led from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010. Just about 500 volunteers starting with noticeable universities, universities Furthermore separate associations starting with Dhaka, chittagong Also Cox’s bazaar join hands will clean those sunny shore which makes this the biggest voluntary activity.

Donating Blankets at Orphanages: Since 2009, to help underprivileged youngsters, Banglalink has taken this exceptional activity to disseminate covers among the vagrant offspring of numerous halfway houses around the nation which are in awesome requirement for it amid winter season.Special Arrangements for Hajj Travellers at the Hajj Camp:Since 2009, Banglalink took a few activities should provide spare administrations to hajj travelers at hajj camp the place they assemble on withdraw for hajj. This incorporates orchestrating ventilated busses to travelers, water appropriation zone, telephone counter for making free telephone calls, allowed charging units and so forth throughout this way, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be enhance. Other than these, with further help the travelers, Banglalink Gave them for trolleys, signage, majority of the data through vas & a hajj aide booklet will encourage fast What’s more not difficult seeing from claiming hajj rituals..Water and Date Distribution and Iftar at Orphanage during Ramadan: Since 2009, Banglalink dispersed free water and dates for the fasting individuals who stalled out at significant movement purposes of chose metro urban communities around iftar time amid Ramadan.

Banglalink additionally stepped up with regards to masterminding consistent iftar and supper in various halfway houses around the nation.ICT Support for Underprivileged Children: On uproot the curse for absence of education from the public arena What’s more should illuminate the scholars who will turned into the trust from claiming tomorrow, Banglalink need effectively set up machine labs in 270 underprivileged schools In different parts of the nation on 2011. Those PC labs need aid provided with pc, laptop, web modem, media projector, speakers Furthermore receiver.CHAPTER-3(Marketing Perspective of B2B Business Department)3.1 B2B Business Department in Banglalink:B2B business department in Banglalink is consist of sales team which is one of the key the driving forces behind the company’s success as they are the ones delivering their products to the masses and increasing their subscriber base. They are relentlessly working towards making new inroads for Banglalink and in doing so, ensuring that Banglalink is one of the top mobile operators of the country.Sales team has different units such as Corporate Sales, Icon Management, National SME ; Business Development, Regional Sales ; Distribution, and Trade Marketing ; Sales Support.

All the units are working within one floor to ensure the highest revenue for the company.In the B2B business department different teams have different task to do. An icon manager has work to product management, making new service offerings for the product, connect with the marketing team.

SME team works under regional manager. They have corporate assistant managers (CAM), business development officers (BDO).Banglalink SME:Banglalink SME sim is for the small medium enterprise. Banglalink is providing some special features through SME sim to the small and medium enterprises of our country. In the SME sim customers have the facilities to choose from two packages: SME postpaid and SME prepaid. SME connections are providing best call to the customers in 24 hours with 1 second pulse.Banglalink offers their SME package with some special VAS witch make the SME different from the others packages.

Value added services of SME:Field force locator (FFL): This is basically a tracking service. By using FFL service an company owner can easily track his or her employees whether they are on the field or not. For this service a SME postpaid sim is required to the customer.

SMS Broadcast service: Banglalink provide this service to the SME sim user. This service is use the company’s maskin name in exchange of the mobile number.Close user group (CUG):SME creates a close user group by providing their SME sim to a particular company.

This group get lower call rate when they connect between each other.Custom Ring back Tone (CRBT service):Another special service for the customer is customer ring back tone. By providing CRBT service Banglalink provide a individual theme song or some specific line for the customers. It is a ringing sound a customer can hear when they call to the company number.Banglalink SOHO:SOHO sim is basically for the customers who have small office or small home. SOHO sim is suitable for the entrepreneur who has small business. Banglalink brings special SOHO package with many important feature to fulfill the daily business needs.

Banglalink SOHO provides the best call rates 24 hours with 1 second pulse, 5 FNF facilities, bulk sms and a unique new feature that is friend finder. Any small business person will get all this facilities by using the Banglalink SOHO sim.Banglalink Icon:Icon is the premium telecom brand of our country. Icon is much more than a mobile connection, they not only provide customer with a complete solution of all mobile telephony needs also add value to the customers lifestyle.Icon users are part of exclusive select group of highly valued and well taken care. Banglalink provide a Varity of exclusive lifestyle facilities and events.

3.2 Work Experience:I was hired as an intern in the B2B business department in the SME project. I had to make phone calls to the SME customers and collect data through the phone calls and made a report regarding the customer’s response. I had to make report on Excel sheet and provide the report through the Email to my line manager within a particular time.

I was also responsible to provide some information regarding the service offerings and VAS (value added service) to the customers.The main purpose of the SME project was to ensure maximum revenue for the company through the SME customers by using their corporate sim. They have created various offers and VAS for maximum activation of the corporate connections.

I have also got the opportunity to work with the Icon team. I have learned a new term from the icon team that is UAT. The full term of the UAT is user accessibility test.

Before providing the icon sim to the customers it has to test that all the offers are take place or not. I called from the icon connections from one off net and another on net number after that it provides a balance history by which it can be calculated weather it provide a correct or wrong balance. A frequent number of user accessibility tests can be done for the one icon sim.SOHO is another team of the B2B department that I have got the chance to work for them. I had given a task to identify customer’s satisfaction regarding the SOHO sim. To complete the task I had to call some of the SOHO user and collect data from those customers.

I also work for a value added service for the SOHO customer that is FFL (field force locator) service. I have added various regional customers to this software so they can easily locate their field workers.3.3 SWOT Analysis of Banglalink B2B Business Department:The word “SWOT” refers to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an business organization. At present, B2B business department is holding a strong position in Banglalink in terms of sales. It is bringing satisfactory amount of revenue and also increasing the number of subscribers. Here I have tried to prepare of SWOT analysis of B2B business department: Strengths: The operation process: The operation process itself of B2B business is the biggest strength of it. As this department provides matching or desired mobile numbers to corporate customers, so this department will continue for a long time and even once B2B business can be the most vital department to sustain in the market for Banglalink, when normal sales operation may close down.

Trained and motivated work force: The assistant managers and regional manager are very focused and motivated towards their work. Every month there is training session arranged to train the managers. There is also a train session for the business development officers which are taken by their assistant manager.Friendly environment: Among the entire department in Banglalink B2B department has a very friendly environment. All the employees have a mentality to help each others. This kind of environment is very helpful of the employees to work with a satisfied mind.

It also helps to hold the employees for a long term.Availability of good delivery: Customers can get their sim cards in their office or any working place; they do not need to move anywhere to collect sim cards and BDOs always done this job. Weaknesses: Business Development Officers (BDO): Though the BDOs play a very vital role in B2B business but they are from third party recruiters and they do not have enough training I think. I saw they sometimes do not follow the orders of their seniors and also behave rudely.

Lack of space in the office: B2B business department only has one floor of the building and there works more than 50 employees with the seniors. So space is a big issue.Lack of IT instruments:Sometimes I saw employees face problem regarding their IT instruments and they do not get supply of those products promptly. Even as an intern I also faced some problems related to the IT instruments.Opportunities: In future, B2B business department can be the bread earner of telecom companies and that time the importance of this department will increase rapidly. Very soon may the companies will capture all the potential subscribers. So that time companies have to focus on existing customers and their needs and for that purpose telesales is the best option for this industry.For the corporate connections company is providing a special call rate to the corporate sim users.

Company also providing some VAS for corporate customers which is a good opportunity to make differentiation from other operators sim. Threat: Already grameenphone has this kind of facility to take similar or desired mobile number but they are working in small range. In future they may start in full range and also other operators like robi, airtel may start this kind of operation. Grameenphone also have corporate connections facilities, Robi already have in a primary stage in this service very soon they will be one of the big competitors in SME that will be big treat for the overall company. Even the competition will become tougher for all to run business in Bangladesh.

3.4 Advertising Analysis:Banglalink basically undertakes advertisement on basis of their product. They use mainly non personal advertisement communication like1.

Print Media (Newspaper, Magazine, etc.)2. Broad Cast Media (TV Media, FM radios)3. Online Media (Internet)Banglalink also use direct or personal marketing for their corporate client. This kind of marketing helps the corporate customer to get discount from some particular shops and stores.Banglalink provides leaflet, festoon, banner and so on to the existing and potential customer on various festival and occasions. 3.5 Marketing Mix of B2B Business department:Product:There are basically three types of product which are control by B2B business department.

Those are – SME, Icon, SOHO. These all are corporate connections. The people who are already in a corporate world or going to start their work in the corporate world they can get the facility to have the corporate connections.The key feature of the corporate connections:Banglalink provide special call rate for the corporate connections holder.Banglalink provide various VAS for the corporate connections.Any organization who are using corporate connections can get different offers for the both postpaid and prepaid simVarious bundle offerings for the internet are also provide for the corporate connections users.Price:Maintained prices are mostly offered revolving around a certain figure.

Their unique selling position is innovativeness of their service alongside their value added features. Any company and organization can get corporate connections at a lower price. Customers even get their connection in the working place they don’t need to go anywhere to purchase the connections. It saves their money and time. Banglalink provide free talk time with the corporate connections in some seasonal offering as a result it reduce the total amount of the price.Place:Corporate connections are currently operating 4 regions; those are Dhaka, Khulna, Bogura, Rajshahi. They are making their presence felt through BDO in different regions.

Each region is handling by the regional manager with an organized team.The distribution channel is help to expand customer reach and grow revenue. The sales team work as a distributor within each region. CAM (corporate assistant officer) gets the corporate sim from the head office and provides the sim to the BDO (business development officer) and BDOs hand over the sim to the customer after getting the proper documents. Promotions:Commercials are aired on the electronic and print media as well. Icon sim holders are getting discount from different shops and specific product purchase.BDOs are working as promoter of the corporate connections; they are go different companies and convince people to take Banglalink Corporate connection.The provision of little exclusive service to a few selected customers.

3.6 Service Quality versus customer satisfaction:Service quality is characterized contrastingly by various creators. Crosby (1984) characterizes it as ‘conformance to prerequisites’. Other noticeable definitions incorporate ‘wellness to utilize’ (Joran, 1988) or ‘one that fulfills the client’ (Eiglier and Langeard, 1987). As administrations are inalienably and basically heterogeneous, perishable and involving synchronization and indistinguishability of creation and utilization, in this manner, require an unmistakable structure for quality explanation and estimation.

What’s more, as against the products segment where substantial signals exist to empower buyers to assess item quality, quality in the administration setting is elucidated as far as parameters that substantial go under the space of ‘understanding’ and ‘belief’ properties and are all things considered hard to gauge and assess (Jain and Gupta: 2004:26 ).One noteworthy commitment of Parasuraman et al. (1988:6) is to give a short meaning of benefit quality. They characterize benefit quality as a ‘worldwide judgment, or state of mind, identifying with the prevalence of the administration, and explained it as including assessments of the result what’s more, procedure of administration.Professionals and essayists in the prevalent press tend to utilize the term fulfillment and quality reciprocally, however analysts endeavor to be more exact about the implications furthermore, estimation of the two ideas, bringing about an impressive verbal confrontation (Zeithaml, Bitner and Gremler, 2006:106-107). Notwithstanding, there is an accord that administration quality furthermore, fulfillment are unmistakable (Bitner, 1990; Bolton and Drew, 1991a). Administration quality is depicted as a type of demeanor, related yet not equal to fulfillment (Bolton and Drew 1991a; Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry, 1988)3.

7 Marketing Segmentation:A wide range of approaches to segment a market have been recognized. Business-to-business (B2B) seller may section the market into various kinds of organizations or nations. While business to customer (B2C) seller may segment the market into statistic sections, way of life portions, behavioral sections or some other important segment.

Demographic Segmentation:variable Segmentation BaseAge: 20 or above 20Gender: Both male and FemaleCompany size: small and mediumIncome: 8000+Education: Basic knowledge of use cellular phone.Occupation: small entrepreneur, employed corporate usersGeographic Segmentation:Variable Segmentation BaseRegion Currently cover 4 regions. Dhaka, Khulna, Bogura, RajshahiTarget Market Urban, Semi urban, RuralPsychographic Segmentation:Variable SegmentationSocial Class Upper middle class and lower middle classLifestyle Professionals Behavioral Segmentation:Variable Segmentation BaseUser status Regular UsersLoyalty Status Loyal, Switcher, LapseUsage Rate Moderate UsersChapter 4(Recommendation, Conclusion, Reference)4.1 Recommendation:Present day corporate world began to utilize programming based money related exchange framework and budgetary proclamation framework and began to forecast customary accounting style. Customary record framework is important for getting the hang of marketing. In telecom industry marketing plays a vital role. Marketing is related to all the department of the telecom company. Another concern is to increase service demand of the banglalink and the issue might arise particularly as welfare form change and natural of the needed support.

There is a concern that employees have to work outside of their original training that increases the workload.In the recommendation part I want to say that Banglalink is already reputed telecom company in our country but it should improve its network quality. During my working period in B2B department I got many complains about the weak network quality from the customers. To hold the existing customer it is urgent to improve the network quality.In the B2B business department there business development officers who have to communicate directly with the customers so authority need o arrange more effective training program for them.

By evaluating three corporate connections; SME, SOHO and icon the call rate need to reduce to survive in the market. The others competitors like GP, Robi already come in the market with more offerings and lower rate. All the VAS need to provide in a short period of time as per conditions.Banglalink sometimes offers cell phone with their corporate connections. The quality of the cell phone needs to improve.

The cell phone offerings have to make in the more frequently basis. Banglalink need to deal with a standard mobile phone company to ensure the good quality of the cell phone for their corporate customers. 4.2 Conclusion:The mobile industry in Bangladesh is still facing an oligopoly competition.

In order to be competitive in this industry in future, the only option is to build up a strong brand image is by creating unique product offerings with special features and make a competitive market. Banglalink has successfully managed to introduce perfect competitions among the mobile operators. The competitions are so vast that that the connection price as well as the airtime rate is falling down day by day. In this changing environment based on this research, Banglalink should take consideration against mentioned recommendations suggested for the improvement of customer care division. These recommendations will definitely improve the overall company image if implemented efficiently.Banglalink is one of leading Telecom Company of our country. This multinational company has several departments. B2B business department is the largest department.

Most of the employees who are working in B2B business department have to involve in the both work; field work and desk job.Regarding my day spent in Banglalink I gathered various knowledge that will helps me in the building of my future career. Working in the B2B business department it enriched my knowledge in different term of marketing. I learned many new terms and conditions of the corporate world.

I got the opportunity to discuss with experienced people.Banglalink is working very hard to be a number one telecommunication industry in the Bangladesh. They always come with a new concept of marketing strategy. The internal relationship network is very strong that helps every team work together and achieves the goal. As the B2B business department each department has their hard working teams who work to make the Banglalink more successful.4.3 Reference: of Marketing By Philip Kotler, Gray Armstrong; 15 editionMarketing Management By Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Keller; 15th edition


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