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Internet of Things(IOT) is a network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. It is also the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

The Internet of Things is also an internet-able nature of modern physical devices, vehicles, and buildings. (Stroud, 2018)How does it workInternet of Things devices have sensors and software that enable the collection and exchange of data information via the internet. IoT can be controlled remotely to allow direct integration with computer systems.(Jonny, 2017)Examples of Internet of Things Figure no.:Examples of IOT (I’Anson, 2014)Benefits and problem of Internet of ThingsTable no. : Benefits and problem of IOT (Chowdhury, 2018)(Potter, 2018)Benefit ProblemsCollect information about customers’ habits and behavior Offers information about the customers that wasn’t available before such as their routines, preferences, consumer patterns, and more.Increased connectivity and engagement can provide better connectivity to the guests with amenities in the hotel such as sending custom-tailored recommendations to the guests as per their interestSave cost Reduction of cost on intermediaries in a hotel.Help with inventory tracking and managementSmart devices help keep tabs on inventory changes automatically, freeing up employee for more important, cognitively demanding tasks.Reduction of customer privacyAll customers’ habits and behavior and collected such routines, preferences, consumer patterns, and more.Increase in cyber threatsWith everything using internet threats such as cyber attacks and security breaches may occur more frequently

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