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International human resource management is a part from human resource management. Therefore, it will give a benefit for person who study well in IHRM because they also know about the HRM too. HRM is consist people, the asset of cost operation and the structure itself which is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to end that individual, organizational and social objectives to be accomplish.

Meanwhile, IHRM is a set of activity to managing the organizational human resource at worldwide level. The target is to achieve organizational objectives and competitive advantage to compete among competitors at global level around the world. As we can see, IHRM involve a lot of country and more global to look different compare with HRM. Although, the business operation for IHRM under human resource consist at least two country or more than it. In IHRM, management is a part from the structure body that is the process working with different resources to achieve organizational targets.

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In organization, to be a good leader or manager they should look on effective and efficient thing to achieve what company goals. In other word, effective is accomplish achieve of company target while, efficient also to achieve the target within low waste or with different ways.


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