International only the manufacturing and local marketing activities

International freight forwarding- the first and foremost service that is provided by the freight forwarders to the clients is international freight forwarding. The local manufacturers who ship their products to the international market cannot concentrate to the complex process of international transaction.

That is a major concern restricting them to utilizing their skills in the international market. There comes the importance of freight forwarders. They perform all the formalities to release the product to the international marketers. The supply chain solution agencies solve the formalities and restrictions by directing and doing liaison between the manufacturers and marketers.

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Air & Ocean services- the clients who intend to sell their products to the specific clients generally master in only the manufacturing and local marketing activities but not the international transportation. Rather these activities are done by the freight forwarders. They are engaged by the international marketers to take the products to them on behalf of the manufacturers. They arrange all the formalities to avail ocean and air transportations for the consignment. The forwarders design, select the routing of the package, book the shipping in the sea voyage or air flight, moreover the custom clearance. Import & Export- the international freight forwarders excel in the import and export industry.

From the decade long business experience they know how to forward consignments to the international market. They apply this tested experience to ease the operation to the clients. The international freight forwarders are one of the major advisers for the local inexperienced manufacturers. The forwarders do the shadow import and export operations on the clients’ behalf.In many cases, some forwarders even engage in first hand business. In this policy, they take the ownership of the product and sell them to their selected customers. Here, they play the role of middlemen, making income in terms of the profits from selling to foreign marketers.

Custom clearance- this is one of the major sectors where the freight forwarders cash their expertise for the clients. They perform as the broker at the custom points. They clear all the obstacles that a consignment of the local manufacturer faces. They clear the products at the custom points and push them to the international markets.Ocean / Air combination services- in many cases, the products need to go through both the sea and air. In these cases the complexity of transportation process gets doubled. The scheduling, booking and customs formalities have to be done twice which is quite impossible for the local manufacturers. Here, the renowned freight forwarders combine the air and ocean operations and make it possible to push the product ahead.

Freight consulting- the international freight forwarders have experiences that can be of use to the clients. They present with information, advice and consultation to the local clients. The clients consult their agent and do whatever steps would be best to suitable their operation.Air ; Sea freight charters- the major supply chain service providers in the present business world own their specialized air crafts and charter ships. For example, UPS has a fleet of 237 aircrafts. These can be used to the fullest to make it easy to transport goods to the destinations.

Storage and warehouse- the supply chain solution provider agencies operate their business to remove the space, time and information barriers for the products. That’s why the corporations own storage and warehouse facilities to keep the products till the right time. They receive the consignment at the warehouse from the manufacturers of bring that from the factory premises to the warehouse by the agency transporter. There the package waits for the time to ride on the sea voyage or air craft.

Distribution- the supply chain provider takes the products from different manufactures that are meant for the foreign marketers. In many cases, the products are to be delivered to different destinations. Here, the products are distributed to the various branches of the consignee.


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