Internal potential candidates for the suitable vacancy

Internal sources for job applicant is to incentive those employees of the company to apply for the vacancy position within the organization.

Job openings are informed to the employees of the same company by giving internal advertisements or communication through the stratum. Many company are fulfill this methods to incentive the skilled employees of the company to reduce the employee turnover, reduce the cost and get a competitive advantage between each of the employees. Internal sources include promotion, transfer, demotions, employees of the organization and retired employees.Examples of the internal sources of job applicantTransfersThe employees of the company are shifting of persons to the analogous jobs of other departments. It may not involve any change in wage, duty, and position of the job. Transfer help to reduce the monotonous of the employees and used to fulfill the vacancy with suitable internal candidates.

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PromotionsPromotions refer to vacancy of the company are filled by advancing the skilled employees to the decent jobs and encourage the employees by giving higher position, more pay, better prestige, and responsibility. Promotions help to create the hope of getting higher positions to reduce the employees turnover. DemotionsManagers will take the decisions based on the lowering positions of few employees of the organization by depending on the employees performance in the organizations. Those employees can act as a source of job applicant to the lower positions.Employees of the organizationEmployees of the company can be communicate or notice about the vacant positions of the company to their friends and relatives. In many company, they allowed referring potential candidates for the suitable vacancy positions.Retired employeesIf the company cannot find any right persons to fulfill the key managerial positions, they will be call back the retired employees for achieving the goal.

Advantages of internal sources of job applicantsInternal sources of job applicant highly reduce efforts and cost.Reduce the employee turnover.Maximize employees job security and job satisfactionAvailable employees of the company are well known about the company culturePromotes loyalty between the employeesDisadvantages of internal sources of job applicantsInternal sources of job applicant have reduced the search for skilled and efficient personnel.It is not always possible to introduce new methods and strategies using this method.People who lose more efficiency from the external environment become competitors’ competitive advantage.This method does not apply to all organizations.

For job applicant that require innovative and creative thinking, this type of job applicant cannot be followed.External sources of job applicant refers to incentive the skilled and more efficient candidates external to the company to apply for the vacancy positions in the company. Job openings are informed to the external environment by using various methods such as company website, social media, job posting, referrals and career fairs.Examples of the external sources of job applicantCompany Website238125619760With the raise in business operations and globalization, the demand for human resources is also increasing. Faced with severe competition and long-term cost reduction, many companies are building their own websites to find and attract candidates with competitive skills.

Social MediaCommunicating about vacancy positions of the company through social media help to incentive and attract the highly skilled and efficient candidate to apply for the job.44767513335000 Job Posting With the growth of technology and internet usage, job postings are playing an important role in finding suitable candidates for finding the right job. Job applicant information can inform the latest job search information and provide employers with attractive benefits and packages. The tools and techniques used in recruiting information have greatly reduced efforts to find experienced candidates.7334256858000 ReferralsApproaching placement agencies can be as the referrals to reduce the time and efforts to find the right candidates from the skilled candidates.

They use different type of tools and techniques to filter resumes and send them to the company for further processing. Career Fairs center8001000Career fairs are announced and conducted by the company to find experienced candidates. With this approach, efforts to find more efficient human resources for volume requirements have been greatly reduced.37147512065000Advantages of external sources of job applicantsExternal sources do give a wide choice availability of suitable person to the management. A large number of job applicants may willing to join the company and also provide the suitable requirements of skill, training and education.Selecting people from external sources will benefit from new ideas. People with experience in other areas will be able to propose new things and methods and keep the company in a competitive position.This external source of job applicant’s approach can prove to be economical because new employees have been trained and experienced and do not need much work training.

Disadvantages of external sources of job applicantsWhen external newcomers join the company, current employees will feel low morale because these positions should be handed over to them. Some employees may even leave the company and seek better ways on other issues.The process of job applicant from outside is very expensive.

It first inserts expensive advertisements in the media and then arranges written tests and interviews. However, if there is no suitable person, the whole process will have to be repeated.New entrants may not be able to adjust in the new environment.

They may not adapt to the temperament of newcomers. In this case, these people may leave themselves or the management may have to replace them. These things have an adverse effect on the work of the company.Compare between internal and external source of job applicant.

Internal of job applicant refer as the source of job applicant which is already existing within the organisation compare to the external source of job applicant is the process in which the job applicant are selected from external environment the company.Internal source of job applicant does not require any induction training but external source of job applicant must require induction training.Internal source of job applicant is a cost effective process comapre to the external source of job applicant is a costly process.Compare to the choice of candidates, the internal of job applicant is limited but the external of job applicant is unlimited.2a.

The difinition of development indicates that it is future oriented. Development implies learning that is not necessarily related to the employee’s current job. Instead, it prepares employees for other positions in the organization and increase their ability to move into jobs that may not yet exist.

Development also may help employees prepare for changes in their current jobs, such as changes resulting from new technology, work designs, or customers. So development is about preparing for change in the form of new jobs, new responsibilities, or new requirements. In contrast, training traditionally focuses on helping employees improve performance of their current jobs. Many organizations have focused on linking training programs to business goals.

In these organizations, the distinction between training and development is more blurred.The concept of a career has changed in recent years. In the traditional view, a career consists of a sequence of positions within an occupation or organization. The career resembles a set of stairs from the bottom of a profession or organization to the top. However, changes such as downsizing and restructuring have become the norm, so the concept of a career has become more fluid. Today’s employees are more likely to have a protean career, one that frequently changes based on changes in the person’s interests, abilities, and values and in the work environment.

Employees in protean careers take responsibility for managing their careers. Employees look for organizations to procide, not job security and a career ladder to climb, but instead development opportunities and flexible work arrangements. To remain marketable, employees must continually develop new skills.

Fewer of today’s careers involve repetitive tasks, and more rely on an expanding base of knowledge. Jobs are less likely to last lifetime, so employees have to prepare for newly created positions. Beyond knowing job requirements, employees need to understand the business in which they are working and be able to cultivate relationships with co-workers, managers, suppliers, and customers. Learning such skills requires useful job experiences as well as effcetive training progarams. These relationships and experiences often take an employee along a career path that is far different from the traditional steps upward through an organization or profession. Although such careers will not disappear, more employees will follow a spiral career path in which they cross the boundaries between specialties and organizations.

As organizations provide for employee development, they need to determine their interests, skills, and weaknesses and seek development experiences involving jobs, relationships, and formal courses. Career management helps employees select development activities that prepare them to meet their career goals. It helps employers select development activities in line with their human resource needs.2b. Job-Site MethodsIndividual Coaching Committee Assignment/ MeetingsJob Rotation”Assistant to” PositionsOn-line DevelopmentCorporate Universities Career DevelopmentLearning OrganizationJob-Site Methods Advantage DisadvantageCoaching Natural and job-related Difficulty in finding good coachesCommittee Assignment/ Meetings Involve participants in critical processes Can be time wasterJob Rotation Gives excellent overview of the organization Long start-up time”Assistant to” Positions Provides exposure to an excellent manager Possible shortage of good assignmentsOn-line Development Flexible Niche not yet well definedCorporate Universities Career Development Can combine academic and real world at work May be “university” in name onlyLearning Organization Perhaps the ideal mindset for development Essentially a theoreticsl, idenlistic notion for most organizationsOff-Site MethodsHuman Relations Training Simulations ( Business Games )Sabbaticals and Leaves of AbsenceOutdoor TrainingClassroom Courses and DegreesOff-Site Methods Advantage DisadvantageClassroom Courses and Degrees Familiar, accepted, status Does not always improve performanceHuman Relations Training Deals with important management skills Difficult to measure effectivenessSimulations Realism and integration Inappropriate “game playing”Sabbaticals Rejuvenating as well as development Expensive; employees may lose contract with jobOutdoor Training Increases self-confidence and teamwork through physical challenges Not appropriate for all because of physical nature; dangerous3a. My organization needs to have several computer programmers, and I am reviewing resumes I obtain from online services. I as the human resource manager, the kind of information will I want to gather from the work experience portion of this resume first is the company name, address, phone and employer. To this information, i will have background check first whether the company it is the legal company or not.

Job title and responsibilities is important inside the resume that allow me assigned to that job for the job applicant. Salary is based on the employee past experience to determine the salary. The last information is the reason for leaving the previous company that determine the job applicant suitable to hire because some of the employee have some attitude problem that cause the previous company discharge them. The kind of information will you want to gather from the education portion of this resume is name of institution, name of degree and major, date of graduation and CGPA. I also will determine based on the skills and qualifications whether the computer programmers need for this skills or qualifications.

The CGPA must overall at least 3.0 to apply the computer programmers positions.Kenneth Ng Yi Xiang. StudentNo 23, Jalan Bukit Impian 25, 011-16166623 center356870Taman Impian Emas, 81300 Skudai. [email protected] : To obtain an entry-level Computer Programmer positionEducation : Southern University CollegeBachelor of Science in Information Technology Program : Computer ProgramExpected Graduation Date : May 2018GPA 3.

2Relevant Experience : Computer Program Intern June 2015 – August 2015 SkyPort IT, Sdn Bhd.Handled database and Web site programming tasksRedesigned Internet and Intranet pages. Use SEO best practices to optimize site search engine rankings and company database feature improvements.Take advantage of coding, debugging, and integration testing to solve memory corruption and other technical issues.Other Experience : Sales Associate May 2014 – Present Abercromble & FitchTrain new employeesParticipate in interviewing and selecting employeesOversee inventory and auditing of productsOpen and close storeHonors : Golden Key Honour Society. 2012 – Present Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society.

2014 – 2016Dean’s List 2012 – 2015Activities : Society of Computer Program. 2010 – PresentStudent Government Association Treasurer. 2009 – 2010Johor Soup Kitchen.

2011 – 2014


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