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Inspiring leaders plays a significant role and an important role in every person’s life in today’s organizations. Their leadership characters, styles, and personalities will help to attract, motivate, and retain talented employees. In that way, there are many leaders that attracted me and I have gotten inspired by but the one leader that inspired and attracted me the most is none other than the most respected current Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.
I chose Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad because he has been my idol since I was a small kid. I have always adore his leadership style and the way he makes things work for the good of his country. Firstly, I would like to give a small introduction about the great Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad was born on 10th July 1925. Yes, he is currently the oldest prime minister in the world in 2018. And also he is the Malaysian politician that serving Malaysia for the second time. The first time he serves was in the year of 1981-2003. He graduated in 1954 from medical college and started his career as a doctor in Penang hospital. I 1964, he was elected as the first member of United Malays National Organization (UMNO). He is also known as Father of Modernization ( Bapa Modenasi) because once he became prime minister first on 1981, in a short period he has achieved a lot of achievement and changed Malaysia dramatically modern.
“To be a great leader, one needs to have a good strategies, be knowledgeable and able to predict the future” said by Tun. It is one of most inspiring thing I have ever heard of. To be a successful leader, strategies are very important. Especially if you have a goal to achieve or an achievement to accomplish. Be knowledgeable meaning understanding and showing keenness of insight about everything. One of the most important features to be a great leader is that able to predict the future. Thinking about doing something now will bring good results in future.
There are many types of leadership styles of Tun that I personally inspired by. The first and foremost, democratic leadership. Democratic leadership is where the leader makes decision based on the opinion and ideas given by the whole team. Giving importance to each and every member’s opinion and ideas in a team is what makes a person a good leader. Tun has always been a good listener. He gives each and every one equal say about something before makes a decision regardless how old they are. For example, in the last latest interview Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman and Fahmi Fadzil mentioned “Tun tend to listen to each and everyone’s point of view before deciding on an issue including the youth’s voice. Tun treats everyone equally regardless their age and position.”. It shows that Tun makes a good leader by treating every member equally.
Secondly, lead from the front, be the main model. The key factor to any effective leadership is by association with the general population which is society. Who are the general population that you are driving and do they trust in you? To be an incredible leader, above all else, shared trust among you and your group is basic. No one will give their trust just for a pioneer who can’t be blunt with the data or neglects to keep up their finish of an arrangement. Obligation and trustworthiness are basic characteristics of an extraordinary pioneer, and it acquires regard from the individuals who are working with you to accomplish your vision. By the day’s end, the way to powerful initiative is promise to the reason, being the first on and the last off the combat zone. Did Tun and the gathering pioneers depict this? Unquestionably they have shown others how it’s done. They got their work done, they met the every Malaysia citizens at grass-root level, they tended to their worries, they discussed obviously with everybody and they imparted to clearness how they intend to determine the issues of the society.
Next, I’d like to explain why Tun attracts and interest me. The truth is because he is unstoppable. Even in his oldest age, he is willing to fight for the good of this country. He emerges as a person, who remains consistent with his convictions, in any case some other factor. For the youngsters, having your own standards is essential and it is important to believe in yourself. I’ve known him since I was 10. It was for me, very vital about achieving dreams and Tun taught me how to dream and achieve it over the barriers. He is my motivation, idol and I am extremely gifted to know him at such a youthful age.
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