Inspired explained that, the released turbulent kinetic energy,

Inspired by the work of Hiroyasu, El Shenawy 5 with the aid of high speed camera and pulsating laser sheet, as a light source, conducted an experimental work to evaluate the effect and the intensity of cavitation on spray configurations. To accelerate the presence of cavitation under low injection pressure (10 bars), he heated the water, which is used as working medium, to temperatures between 100-140 oC. Cavitation in the glass nozzle with L/D between 60 -80 has been captured and its liquid to gas ratio has been measured. He found that the injected liquid temperature affects to a great extent the generation of cavitation bubbles inside the nozzle, and consequently the spray characteristics. These include spray an intact column, spray cone angle, Sauter mean diameter (SMD), spray ensemble velocity, and the spray mean kinetic energy (MKE). He explained that, the released turbulent kinetic energy, as a result of bubble collapse, contributes greatly to the disintegration of the liquid jet.


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