insight consideration is partnering with select clients. Collaborative

insight into the needs and the possible entries. This market research is crucial prior to any consideration of expansion (current competitors, financial stability, quality of locally available employees, long term viability based on future domestic growth plans for each service, (prevalence of corruption based on region, tax liabilities, cost of living etc.) as discussed by Barkema and Vermeulen (1998). An area where Macro are well placed to strengthen their existing market presence and to aid their future expansion aspirations is one of added value. The services that are already offered in excess of a traditional FM role: consultancy, helpdesk, owners associations etc. do give Macro an edge over their competitors. The ability to manage a project from design review to steady state operations in one that clients would actively seek.Another area for Macro’s consideration is partnering with select clients.

Collaborative partnerships in business benefit from the close, trusting relationships between partners. Network strength and openness create profit amongst businesses that have created trust between them. Collaborative partnerships between businesses often generate higher levels of productivity and revenue when there is stable, bidirectional communication between parties. These partnerships develop into longstanding practices and relationships that can extend beyond the length of a single project. Internationally, ISO 44001; Collaborative Partnerships (2016) (formerly BS 11000) could be embraced and employed to grow these partnerships. Progressing a project from design to occupation, with partnerships in place, could see Macro recommended by our partners as the service provider of choice to their tenants/owners. Market research, as previously mentioned, is pivotal in the forming of a marketing strategy; it can also be known as a marketing audit.This strategy must be aligned to the overall corporate business strategy and supported form the top down, an unsanctioned plan will fail through lack of commitment throughout the company.

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Irrespective of the routes taken for expansion, crucial to the success is the cohesion with the financial department of the company. The support offered by finance teams is invaluable and includes:• Information on project financial implications• Clarifies consequences of decisions• Develop and produce business strategies• Monitoring and control of finances (including internal audits)The financial department “buy-in” is of vital importance for any strategy to succeed. This was discussed by Moles et al (2011) and shown in Fig. 11. All plans and budgets, even those thought to be independent, form part of the symbiosis of the company finances.


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