Initial assessment is carried out

Initial assessment is carried out prior intervention or instruction to establish the basis from which the individual growth of the student can be measured. The purpose of this type of assessment is to know the skill level of the student about a project and in helping the teacher explaining material more efficiently. Formative assessment is carried out throughout the project or course in general. The purpose of formative assessment is to aid learning and provide the teacher with feedback of the work of the students.Summative assessment is carried out at the end of the project or course and are evaluative in nature.

The purpose of summative assessment is to assign a course grade to the students and to summarize the students have learnt and in finding out if they understood it well.Diagnostic assessment has the purpose to improve the experience of the learner and their achievement level. It is usually carried out before the course or programme and is used to check that the students has the necessary skills or knowledge to participate in the course or programme.

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