Information She was a very polite women, and

Information Interview.
Owner of Ibyiwacu culture center, Cecile Umulisa, is a respected, hardworking women that gave me advice that will be very useful in the future. Ibyiwacu culture center is the company which sells the product that has made in Rwanda and most of them are based in Rwandan culture. This company has been growingly rapidly the past few years. I met with Ms. Cecile for about thirty minutes and discussed things such as: the education needed to work in his business, his job setting, required skills, and many other things.
I chose Ms. Cecile because I have been a customer with her business for a few years, and her business has been selected as the best business which is growing quickly and based in African culture. She was a very polite women, and she said that he always enjoys the chance to share her knowledge with people. I interviewed her at her main office and I dressed business casual. I really learned an abundance about owning your own business, and it gave me an idea of what I needed to do if I decided to own my own business.
The Education Needed.
The first question to Ms. Cecile was the type of education needed, not just to work there, but to actually have an opportunity to advance. She told me that she is interested in someone who knows both the business aspect and the supplement knowledge aspect of running the business. In order to pursue this path, I would be more successful finding a major supplement chain like hers that has opportunities for advancement. My major now is marketing, and he said that will definitely help me in the future. I need to know the business aspects if I want to run day to day operations.
Job Setting.
My next question for Ms. Cecile was the type of job setting that her business offered. She said that her main goal was to make his customers’ experience a pleasurable one, and that the environment was a major factor in making that successful. From the casual, friendly atmosphere to the layout of the culture based in Africa, all things need to come together to make the customer want to come back, and tell all their friends about it also. This requires a knowledgeable staff that is helpful to everyone, and a friendly personality is as important to him as the experience an employer brings with him.

Required skills.
When I asked Ms. Cecile about the skills that were required to be hired in an upper-level position in this business, she told me there were two different avenues to advance through; the business aspect or the customer relations aspects. He said that it is crucial for her employees to work well with other employees, and be able to take criticism and advice. Although I am majoring in business, I would still love to work hands on with customers. Aside from the obvious skills of knowing about supplements, Jay said the single most important skill he looks for is “people” skills. The personality to interact with others and assure them that you know what you are talking about when it comes to supplements.
The interview with Ms. Cecile went very well, and she was said that she was happy that she could answer my questions. She emphasized that it is very important to stay in school and make sure that I graduate, because if I ever need any loans or anything it will help out tremendously if I have a good background and a degree. I will make sure that I interview more people in the future because I believe that it is a huge help to talk to someone face to face instead of reading stuff online.

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