Information some amount of text or collected

Information could either be a written or electronic document and it serves as an of?cial record. The format, structure and contents of the documents vary depending on the information recorded and the purpose for which it was recorded. Some examples of documents are invoices, purchase orders, product speci?cations, letters, journals, spread sheets, etc.

Each document will have a different format and acceptable standards that it has to adhere to and these standard documents can be created based on a template, which you can save for future use.There are many applications to create a document which are easily stored on computers. The most common application used in the organisation I currently work in is the Word Processing software called Microsoft Word that comes as part of the Microsoft of?ce package. In order to create a document, you ?rstly need to identify the types of information you are given to create the document. Again, the different types of information vary depending on the type of document. You ?rst have to have a clear idea of what document you will be creating and for what the end purpose is.All documents have some amount of text or collected ?gures. In order to make understanding clear, one may add clip arts, images, graphs, charts, tables etc.

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to the document. Electronic documents may also have animations and small video and audio clips. Finally to boost the appearance of the document, one can add lines, borders, backgrounds etc.

to a document.When using images and other data from the internet and other sources, you need to make sure that they are free to use by checking the license and copyright information.


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