Indigenous relationship between Indigenous Australians and the land

Indigenous Australians have occupied Australia for at least 60,000 years and therefore have evolved with the land. (Australian Museum) The land is their father’s land, their grandfather’s land, their grandmother’s land, as the Indigenous Australians are related to it, it gives Indigenous Australians their identity. (Father Dave Passi, Plaintiff, ‘Mabo’ Case in ‘Land bilong Islander’ 1990) Indigenous Australian have a diverse relationship when it comes to the land. Land is considered more than just a place for Indigenous Australian’s. Indigenous Australian’s have a spiritual connection with the land as they are required to care for the land.

Land does not only mean only rocks or soil but it includes the whole environment. The relationship between Indigenous Australians and the land is based on reciprocity as well as respect. Land is described as Indigenous Australian’s life. The land is a spiritual part of the Indigenous Australian’s and therefore cannot separate one from another as they both go hand in hand. Indigenous Australian’s are part of the land and in the same way land is part of Indigenous Australian’s.

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