India values, etc. though, the lifestyle of indians

India is famous for its culture all over the world, It is the place that is known for different culture and custom. It is the country which has various traditions and cultures.

The fundamental parts of the Indian culture are great conduct, decorum, edified correspondence, ceremonies, convictions, values, etc. though, the lifestyle of indians has been modernized, but still they have not changed their values and tradition. Throughout the society, the effect of media on indians is evident.

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In the current time, society relies more on technology for news, entertainment and education. In india a family’s evening at home is usually spent sitting in front of TV or a computer, surfing the internet. Media includes a vast range of sources like television, newspaper, internet, radio and books. But lately there was only one type of media that is print media which has declined over the years. Initially, print media has been the most powerful media in the early times, how indians consumed information from magazines and books has declined because of higher technology.

Magazines are now just used in the waiting rooms. Looking at recent times, many people will not understand but they will realize how important the written word was in the overall development of popular culture., Media has exposed individual of all ages to all kinds of aspects of the world, that previous generation could not get the exposure to. Media has educated the youth, And making them more aware of of the world today.

Media acts a medium to deliver news of the world in minutes. Media now is seen by a million people on daily basis. In india, it is media which decides or created trends and genres of different types of clothing, in today’s time media markets the clothing sector using different mediums like televisions, radio and internet.

The society focuses more on physical appearance of the women, they face a lot of criticism on their appearance due to a superficial ideology created by the media. Media has impacted females on the topic “size zero”, which is through TV commercials of companies like DOVE, to empower women and also showcased females of all sizes and figures and addressing them all equal. The hypodermic syringe theory thats that media showcase the society what they want the society to accept without questioning it, this medium between the media and society has the power to change the mindset of the person within few minutes. The results are so sudden that can have a massive effect on the society. Mass media is a growing field, the increasing demand in advertisements and commercials.

The media in India has the power to create perception and illusion about a specific event or situation to convince a specific people or audience of individuals but when individuals try to see the same situation from their eye they will be able to see the situation differently to how media portrays it. Sociologist also states that, audience take a active part in consuming the content showcased in mass media. But, people interpret the content in their own way.

Every individual in india has developed their own way of thinking their lifetime. Which explains that media does not fully impact individuals.


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