Increase and learning. in relation to the

Increase in developmental activities in last five decades has positively contributed in socioeconomic development of the human society; however the negative side of idustrial development has resulted in severe environmental degredation. Therefore environmental conservation became a requisite for all nations to adopt in developmental planning.
In order to build our understanding of the adverse consequences on the environment subsequently to learn about the current environmntal management practicess supported by the existing environmental law and regulations, the project sites have been selected to undertake field study which has been important and an integral part to fulfil this study in accomplshing both academic and field level practical requirements. The integration of field level experience into learning things as a whole has been quite useful in developing one’s understanding through observing , perceiving the relevance and application of theory into practice. In addition, field level study has helped not just gaining ‘work experience’ but also an important educational experience. The study has been conducted with the objective to Improve our understanding through field based observatiobs and learning. in relation to the ecological, socioeconomic and, policy issues
The Field based study within premise of Amity University, conducted to observe the the ETP and STP plants established by the University for the treatment of the Sewage, effluents and solid waste generated with in Univesrsity premise. During study of these sites understood the primary treatment processes to treat the waste and effluents generated from the University premises. It provided an opportunity to gain hands on experience in understanding the treatment processes like Screening (grit removal), Aeration, Digestion, Decanting, Chlorination technology used in treatment plant.

During vist to Okhla Bird Sanctuary, it has been observed that the Wet land is in a polluted state with heavy siltation and occasion presence of solid waste diposition in the sanctuary areas. Due to urban and industrial developments near by Sanctuary areas over the past few decades there has been a considerable loss of the remaining semi-natural marshes and open fields around the Yamuna and Okhla bird sanctuary is rapidly becoming an island in a concrete jungle. It was also observed that piles of garbage around the sanctaury areas not only polluting the air and water quality in the santuary but also contaminating and depleting the ground water in the sanctuary. Due to these reasons once the sanctuary considered safe havens for various plants, birds and animal species now looks vulnerable which needs immediate human intervention to reverse its condition. The Ghazipur landfill area requires working for better management of the landfill site. Lack of skilled manpower has been a major factor contributing to the improper management. The Landfills have the potential to cause a number of issues. Infrastructure disruption, such as damage to access roads by heavy vehicles, may occur. Pollution of local roads and water courses from wheels on vehicles when they leave the landfill can be significant and can be mitigated by wheel washing systems. Pollution of the local environment, such as contamination of groundwater or aquifers or soil contamination may occur, as well.

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